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How Wheaton is helping to keep our environment green

With 250 agents across the country, Wheaton has a tremendous opportunity to reduce its environmental footprint, and is doing so. Every day, Wheaton and its agents participate in recycling and reuse programs in which thousands of pounds of cardboard cartons are either broken down and made into new boxes or other items, or reused for other customers. In addition, thousands of warehouse light bulbs in Wheaton agencies across the country are being replaced with more efficient Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs (CFLs). And appliances - like large water heaters - are being upgraded to efficient EnergyStar-rated appliances.
Through several of its internal publications, Wheaton passes on environmental tips to help agents reduce their own environmental impact wherever possible. In addition, Wheaton has begun a program in which all printed materials (i.e., collateral material and other mass produced/printed documents) are being switched to recycled paper and environmentally friendly inks, such as soy. In as many cases as possible, Wheaton is having those items FSC certified.
Wheaton's corporate office has entered an Indianapolis-area Chamber of Commerce program that recognizes companies for their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint. By replacing appliances and light bulbs, expanding its corporate recycling program and reducing waste, Wheaton has earned the "Green Business" designation.