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Move-Pros awarded Agent of the Year

Indianapolis, Ind. |

Announced recently at Wheaton’s 57th Annual Partnership Conference, Move-Pros was awarded Wheaton’s top agent honors as Wheaton World Wide Moving Agent of the Year. The award is given to the interstate agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving that exemplifies founder Earnest S. Wheaton’s philosophy of putting customers first and the characteristics of quality, professionalism, empathy for customers, fellow agents, drivers and Wheaton employees.


Move-Pros has been a Wheaton partner since 2006. Each year, Move-Pros has earned Wheaton’s Total Quality Commitment (TQC) award for quality performance in addition to awards for sales and hauling.


“Co-owners Felipe Musskopf and Jackie Kavanaugh are exemplary in their ability to sell and then satisfy customers,” said Mark Kirschner, CEO of Wheaton World Wide Moving. “Move-Pros and Wheaton have become brands people trust with their most prized possessions. It has everything to do with Move-Pros’ customer focus, attention to detail and insistence on quality. We’re proud to have them as an interstate partner for Wheaton World Wide Moving.”


The company offers 13,000 square feet of military-approved warehouse space at 47618 Kato Road in Fremont, Calif. Move-Pros can be reached at 800-946-8852. 

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