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Preparing your house for selling: Step One, your lawn.

2014 March 7
by Emmalee Strait

LAWNThe old saying of ‘judging a book by its cover’ has never been more applicable.  When you are preparing to sell your house, it is important to remember to start with the outward maintenance and work your way inside. More than likely, if the outward appearance of the home is lacking, people will assume the inside is too.  While your house might be ‘a diamond in the rough’ on the inside, the goal is to attract potential buyers with just a glance.

A Five Star Lawn 

I used to wonder why my dad would spend hours – sometimes full days tending to our lawn and manicuring every detail.  He had a philosophy that ‘a good home started with a good lawn.’ While I found this to be a bit extreme, I never read too much into it.  Until one day I pulled into my cul-de-sac and thought, ‘Wow, it really does look good!” The hours of edging and attention to detail had paid off and actually made our house stand out significantly next to our neighbors’ brown crunchy lawns (It was a tough summer for lawns, in their defense.). But the point is, a little tender love and care to the lawn can go a long way to the outward appearance – especially when your house is on the market.

  • Less is more, when it comes to watering your lawn. Watering the lawn deeply, but less frequently will produce results of greener grass. It’s recommended to water every two weeks or so.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your grass grow. A common mistake is cutting the grass down too short. This can cause soil to dry out quicker, which heightens the likeliness of drought.
  • Pick up the grass clippings. Do not leave your grass clippings laying on your lawn. They will likely, mat down the area and prevent the living grass blades to get the rays of sunshine they need. Instead, try using clippings for mulch in your garden – be resourceful!
  • Make life interesting by switching up your route. Not only will switching up your mowing pattern make it more ‘exciting’, it will help will make a cosmetic difference. If you want to get the ‘golf course effect’, as my dad referred to it, you have to put in the time. Differentiating the course will help the color of the grass appear lighter or darker, depending on the way the blades hit the grass. This is also how you can give your yard character. You really outdo yourself if you get special blades with intention of creating one-of-a-kind designs.
  • Finally, take out the weeds one by one. It might take some time, but it’s well worth it. If your lawn is covered in weeds, purchasing a hose-end sprayer and liquid weed-killer will help you tremendously. If you have a few weeds that you just can’t seem to kick, grab a smaller pump sprayer to narrow in on your targets.


With summer being the peak season for several moving companies, spring is a great time to start tending to your lawn and preparing your house for the market. You get the lawn ready and will get the moving boxes. Relocating will seem like a breeze after all the yard work!

Hitting the Road Again: Wheaton Road Trip to Los Angeles

2014 February 27

Los Angeles

Commonly known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is home to one of the most ethnically diverse populations worldwide. With a population of 3.8 million, it is the second largest city and growing rapidly.  The entertainment capital of the world has a history rich in film, TV, music and literature.  Naturally, Los Angeles is buzzing with creative minds.



Whether you are into museums, entertainment, or you are just looking to beach it for a day or two, it’s safe to say LA has something to offer everyone. This melting-pot city contains over 300 museums, one of the largest fashion districts, and an abundance of good weather. Its distinguishable attractions make it the one of the most visited cities in the world.


One-of-a-kind Attractions

The list is endless when it comes to attractions in Los Angeles. Here are a few stops you should be sure to make:


VeniceVenice Beach:

From people walking on knives to swallowing rings of fire, Venice beach offers a wide variety of entertainment. Enjoy a run or riding bikes on ‘the boardwalk’ which runs parallel to the beach. Then stop off for a rest at the fishing pier located at the end of Washington Boulevard.



Santa MonicaSanta Monica Pier:

Santa Monica Pier is beachfront and beautiful! The streets are filled with locals and visitors alike. From retail to restaurants, to the amusement park and Ferris wheel on the pier, Santa Monica will not disappoint.



hollywood hike


The ‘Hollywood hike’ is a must-do whether you are     visiting or residing in the Los Angeles area. It’s a free  adventure and a one -of-a-kind attraction unique to the  city.

Hollywood_Walk_of_Fame Be sure to get your picture with your favorite celeb’s star found on the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ which is located on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street.

A little further down Hollywood Boulevard is The TCL  Chinese Theater. It was historically known as a favorite movie spot for LA moviegoers and currently hosts live music and events.



For the Foodies:

Of course we know you are busy seeing all the sights of LA, so grab a quick bite to eat at the famous IN-N-OUT Burger. Satisfy your taste buds with this classic must-have burger where the locals prefer to order it “Animal Style” complete with a mustard-cooked beef patty with your choice of toppings.


   Make LA Home:

Want to make LA your permanent residence? With the endless attractions, gorgeous scenery, and buzzing streets – we don’t blame you. Lucky for you, Wheaton has several top-of-the-line agents ready to help you relocated to the greater Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles-area moving company,  Sheeler Moving & Storage, Inc. in Ventura, CA.

Los Angeles-area moving company,  Palmcaster Moving & Storage, Inc. Lancaster, CA.

Los Angeles-area moving company,  Heritage 21st Century Movers Main St, Carson, CA.

Los Angeles-area moving company,  Crown Relocations Huntington Beach, CA.

Los Angeles-area moving company, La Habra Relocations, Inc. Anaheim, CA.

Los Angeles-area moving company, The People Movers Mira Loma, CA.

Los Angeles-area moving company, Coast Valley Moving & Storage, Inc.  San Clemente, CA.


Keep following along with Wheaton as we continue our travels across the U.S. Where do you think we’ll go next? Leave us a blog comment, Tweet us, or leave us a note on Facebook!




Sunday Sit-down: Get Down on the Farm

2013 September 8
by Meredith Slavens

Owning a cattle farm is hard work, and for the Gilmore family, it truly is a family affair.  Located in the Florida panhandle, the Gilmore’s farm, Gizmo Angus Farm, is their pride and joy. With family involvement in the farm spanning three generations, the Gilmore’s live and breathe their work on the farm and find that it’s a passion that the whole family can share and enjoy.

Getting Started

So how does a family get started running a 200-head cattle farm? The Gilmore’s say it happened gradually.  Farming has always been an interest for the family; in fact, Debbie and Ronnie Gilmore, the patriarchs of Gizmo Angus, began their initial work through their involvement in 4-H.  When they got married and had children, they encouraged their two boys to also participate in the organization.

a family picture

The Gilmore Family

Lucas the oldest son, began showing steers at age 12 and was followed by Jacob, the youngest child, a year later.  They chose to show steers based on the thought process that you can make more money with steers than you can with other animals such as horses.  That began the Gilmore’s love affair with cattle, and it hasn’t stopped since.

Gizmo Angus Farm

Debbie Gilmore bought her husband Ronnie his first cow for his birthday back in 1991 and she says the rest is history.  The farm started as a small plot of land at their house with only five cows.  By 2001, when Jacob graduated high school, the family had purchased 400 acres of land and accumulated a total of 200 cows, 120 of those being mothers.

The operation has grown even more since 2001.  Their main focus on the farm is to sell purebred Angus bulls to commercial cattlemen which in turn help the cattlemen improve their own cow herds.  “You have to stay on top of what’s working in the industry,” said Debbie.  a family riding a tractor on a farm

This is especially evident in Debbie’s work studying genetics.  Figuring out how to breed each cow is the lynchpin of the family business and Ronnie says that “Debbie is the brains of the operation”.  “She’s the one who leads this rodeo,” Ronnie says with a laugh.

Whereas Debbie studies the genetics of the cows, Jacob and Ronnie’s passion lies in judging the cattle and looking for ways to improve on them.  Even Jacob’s wife, who, according to Debbie is a “total city girl”, has started getting involved in the operation.  “She’ll get out there and try to learn how to pick the best cows. She asks a lot of questions and has learned quite a bit about the cattle operations,” Debbie explains.

The third generation of Gilmore’s, Jacob’s twin daughters, have already picked out their own heifers. They might be only two years old, but they’ve already embraced life on the farm and enjoy riding in the family Gator and looking at the cattle with their mother and father.two babies in front of cows

Wheaton World Wide Moving Connection

Gilmore Moving & Storage began in 1955 by Ronnie’s father.  The moving company signed on to become a Wheaton agent in 1979 and have enjoyed being a part of the network of agents ever since then.  Their favorite part of being a Wheaton agent? The fellow agents and the friends they’ve made throughout the years.  “We’ve really appreciated and enjoyed the relationship with Wheaton over the past few decades,” Debbie said.

Sunday Sit-down: Meet the Fitness Superwoman

2013 September 1


Every day is a juggling act for Annie Dietrich, the CFO of Wheaton World Wide Moving’s partner company – Bekins Van Lines – agent, Lincoln Moving & Storage Co.  She wakes up each day at 4:40a.m. to prepare herself for her long, busy and full day.  Yes, Annie works for Lincoln Moving & Storage, but that isn’t her only day-to-day responsibility.  She is also the Co-Owner and a Certified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer at her fitness studio, AOK! Fitness.

a man and a woman

Annie Dietrich and her husband

Her Passion for Fitness

Dietrich has always enjoyed working out and being active, citing walking and biking as a few of her favorite physical activities. She started making exercise a staple in her daily routine back in 1985, remembering working out and teaching classes to 80’s classics such as “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield and “Physical” by Olivia Newton John.  “I can’t really remember a time prior to 1985 that I haven’t worked out,” said Dietrich.  “It’s always been something I love, so it’s easy to do it every day.”

Transition to AOK!

With the help of her dear friend Kim, Dietrich decided that her passion for exercising could be more than just a hobby – it could be a great business as well.  In 2002, the pair decided to open their own fitness studio, AOK! Fitness, and made a commitment to offer the best in fitness, health, and wellness while offering a welcoming atmosphere to people of all shapes and sizes, ages, and fitness backgrounds.

Evolution of AOK!

Since opening AOK! in 2002, the studio has grown from 2,000 square feet to an 8,400 square foot operation, boasting over 20 Certified Instructors and 84 group exercise classes every week.  In addition to their main facility, AOK! also contracts their classes out to private companies, local recreation centers and adult continuing education programs. In addition to co-owning the facility, Dietrich also plays a pivotal role at AOK! by teaching several classes including Cardioboxing, Spinning, Yoga, TRX Yoga, Barre Pilates, PiYo,  Resistance Training, Weight Lifting and Step… just to name a few! the outside of the AOK! Fitness building

Community Involvement

AOK! Fitness doesn’t just aim to offer a welcoming and inviting atmosphere for their customers.  In addition, they also place an importance on giving back to their community of Strongsville, Ohio.  Coming up on September 20, AOK! Fitness is presenting Party In Pink, a huge party and Zumbathon benefitting the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  AOK! Fitness has been presenting Party In Pink for several years, and have raised well over $20,000 over the years of holding the event.  It’s an event and a cause that Dietrich is passionate about. One of her close friends and co-workers at Lincoln Moving and Storage is a breast cancer survivor as well as several AOK! clients and friends.

Wheaton World Wide Moving Connection

Annie Dietrich is the CFO of The Lincoln Moving & Storage Co. which is an agent for Wheaton’s partner company, Bekins Van Lines.  Dietrich proudly represents the third generation of family ownership and management of the moving business.   She shares this third generation distinction with her brother and three cousins.

Sunday Sit-down: Could You Run a Marathon?

2013 August 25
by Meredith Slavens

There aren’t many people in the world who can get excited about running 26.2 miles in succession.  Those that can, the world’s extreme runners and athletes, are in a group all their own.  They relish in the knowledge that they a man riding on a bikewill push their bodies just about as far as they can go, fully aware that as soon as they finish one challenge, they’ll be back for more.

Who is Jake?

Jake Green is one of these people.  He runs 50 miles, swims a mile and a half and bikes between 30 to 50 miles every week. When he’s training for a marathon or other athletic competition, he says he will do even more.  What’s normal for Green seems unfathomable to most people, but he says he wasn’t always this way.

Marathon Beginnings

If you knew Jake Green five years ago, you would have no idea that he was a runner or extreme athlete, and that’s because he wasn’t.  It wasn’t until four years ago that Green even became a runner, completing his first marathon in the same year that he began running habitually. “I watched a lot of marathons before I started running them. I even worked at several marathon finish lines and always thought was something I could do. I saw some of the people who completed marathons, and I knew if they could do it, then I could too,” Green said.

Boston Marathon Hopesa runner and his wife standing next to each other

This realization was the catalyst to what is now a defining characteristic of Green’s life.  In the past four years, he’s run six marathons. Most years he only runs one, but last year he ran three in an attempt to qualify for the famous Boston Marathon.  He missed the cut-off qualification by only four minutes, but he persists that this is his year to qualify.  He has two marathons scheduled in the next few months, one in November and one in May, and it’s his goal to have a fast enough finish time to run in Boston.


Jake Green isn’t only a marathon runner.  He’s also a volunteer firefighter and a certified EMT.  He completes weekly fire-training sessions to stay up-to-date on new protocols.  “As a volunteer firefighter, we learn by being hands-on.  We have fire trailers that simulate a burning house,” Green explains.  “It’s real training.”  When asked what ignited his interest in becoming a fire fighter he says, “It’s one of those childhood dreams that most people don’t get to do. The chance came up so I took it.”

an image of a firefighter

Green is pictured on the far right in full gear.


There’s no doubt that Jake Green has a knack for athletics and a passion for serving others.  It’s his inner motivation that has prompted him to continue. “I just like to better myself. I like the competition against myself. I couldn’t care less if someone runs faster than me. If I can improve my race, I like that.”

Wheaton World Wide Moving Connection

Jake Green is the General Manager at Dixie Moving and Storage, an agent of our partner company Bekins Van Lines. Dixie Moving and Storage is located in Washington, Utah.  This is Green’s first job in the moving industry.

Wheaton U: College Moving Tips

2013 August 22
by Meredith Slavens

College Moving Tips

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how far you’re moving.  Any type of relocation is a stressful event for those involved.  In the next few weeks, millions of American college students will experience the rite of passage known as Freshman Move-In Day.  For some, this day is a celebration.  For others, it’s a day filled with the intense emotions that go along with moving, heightened by the fact that this is the first time that many have ever lived independently of their parents.  No matter the feelings involved, a move is a move which means it’s probably not going to be a lot of fun.

Earlier this week, Meredith Slavens, Online Content Development Specialist at Wheaton World Wide Moving shared her own personal freshman move-in story.  Today, she shares some of the college moving tips she’s gathered from her moves throughout college.
Wheaton University Moving Tips

College Moving Tip #1:  Be picky about what you take

In college, your living spaces are small.  There’s no way around it.  It’s better to take less than to take too much and not have room for any of it.  Be choosy as to what you bring. If you haven’t used it in a year, chances are you won’t use it in college either.

College Moving Tip #2:  Organize Wisely

In college, I had four trusty plastic containers that I stored a lot of my stuff in, such as shoes, toiletries and craft supplies.  Not only did it help to contain a lot of my possessions, but it also made it easy when I went to move.  All of those loose items were already packed up and organized in easy-to-carry containers.

College dorm closet

My closet – that I shared with two other people! Plastic containers saved the day.

College Moving Tip #3:  Bring a fan

I got my tower fan as a high school graduation present, and to this day still maintain that it was the best present I received.  In the summer months, your dorm room will be hot – especially if you don’t have air conditioning. In the winter, your dorm room will still be hot due to the heaters. You can’t win in terms of temperature, so do yourself a favor and bring a high-quality fan. As a bonus, it can also drown out the noise of snoring from your roommate!


College Dorm Room

My freshman year dorm room – complete with not one, but TWO fans.

College Moving Tip #4:  Don’t splurge on furniture…yet

If you’re like me, you’re going to have to move a lot in college.  There’s really no point in buying expensive furniture at this point. It will just get banged up in the countless moves that you’ll inevitably have to make.  If you have to buy furniture for a house, I suggest buying secondhand. There’s a time and a place to buy new furniture, but that time is not while you’re in college.

College Moving Tip #5:  Coordinate with roommates beforehand

College is a time for the glorious arrangement known as communal living.  While there are pros and cons to living with a handful of other people, one of the major pros is that between each person, the group will probably have everything needed to furnish a dorm room or house.  The biggest obstacle is communicating well enough to know that before moving in.  I suggest spending a couple of days during summer break creating and sharing a Google doc where you can all write which items each person has.  Organize the spreadsheet up by room to make it even more user-friendly.  That will give your room or housemates a good idea of what still needs to be bought and what can be left behind.


What other college-related moving tips would you give to an incoming freshman? Let us know! Leave us a comment on our blog, Tweet us using the hashtag #WheatonU,  or write on our Facebook page.

Perspectives: College Move-in Day

2013 August 20
by Meredith Slavens

Move-in Day

I will never forget the feeling of packing up my whole life into a few boxes.  As an 18 year-old who had never lived anywhere but New Castle, a small town in rural Indiana, I had known all the same people since I was about five years old. I felt secure in my life and comfortable living at home with my parents.  It’s not that I wasn’t excited about moving off to college – I was – but more than anything, I was terrified of the unknown… and also stressed out about packing.

First Time Mover

For someone who had never moved before, sifting through 18 years of stuff and trying to decide what should and shouldn’t go off to college with me was nothing short of a herculean task.  How could I not take my favorite quotelamp? What about my collection of Harry Potter books? Of course I need all of my shoes!   If I could give advice to anyone who is moving, it would be this: It’s better to take less. Simple is better and you can always buy what you don’t have.  This is especially true if you’re paying someone to help you move – the lighter the load, the cheaper it will be. If only I would have known this back then…

College Graduation

The College Experience

As my parents and I made the 50 mile trek from New Castle to Butler University, a small liberal arts college located in the heart of Indianapolis, Ind., my stomach was churning with nerves.  As we pulled up to Butler, I saw the picturesque view of college, complete with a group of fraternity boys grilling hamburgers and hot dogs in the  front yard of the fraternity house situated right across from my dorm. As I walked up to my dorm room in Schwitzer Hall, I was struck by two things: 1) this whole no air conditioning thing might be really unfortunate and 2) this move is really happening.

The rest of the day was a whirlwind of running up and down stairs, setting up my laptop, plugging in my mini fridge, running to the store to buy forgotten items like power strips and plastic containers, making my bed with my brand new Twin XL sheets and unpacking all of those special touches that make a stark dorm room feel more like a home.

The rest of my freshman year of college progressed and before I knew it, I found myself receiving my diploma, physical proof of everything that had happened from the move-in day in 2008 to graduation day in 2012.  That diploma represented all that I had learned in the classroom, but also represented all the lessons learned outside of the classroom. It represented the not one, not two, but eight moves that I made during college (moving tips to come – watch for the blog post!)  It represented four years of growth and experiences that I will never forget.

Advice for the Future

Don’t fear, freshman. Move-in day is overwhelming. It’s an anxiety-induced 24 hours, but it’s just that – 24 hours. Before you know it all of those 24 hours will have strung together to make four years and you’ll also have that coveted diploma. Enjoy move-in day for all that it is. Just wait. You’ll blink and it will be gone.


Meredith Slavens is the Online Content Development Specialist at Wheaton World Wide Moving.  She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Arts Administration from Butler University.  Having moved ten times in the last five years, Meredith enjoys helping others make their moving experience a little simpler by sharing some of her own personal moving tips.  Feel free to contact Meredith at 

Sunday Sit-down: Bill Ballantine’s Band

2013 August 18
by Meredith Slavens

Bill Ballantine

From 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Bill Ballantine is a successful salesman for Wheaton agent, Corlett Movers & Storage.  After 5 p.m. though, Ballantine takes off his sales hat and transforms into a different person.  Night after night, he becomes what so many people dream of being: the drummer for his rock band, The Clayton Brothers Band.The Clayton Brothers Band logo

The Clayton Brothers Band

Formed in 2004, The Clayton Brothers Band came together simply because the five band members wanted to have fun playing some of their favorite old songs.  All band members proudly claim themselves as members of the Baby Boomer generation, so naturally the band gravitates more towards songs from the 50’s and 60’s.The Clayton Brothers Band group picture

Not Your Average Band

This isn’t your average oldies band though.  “When picking our music, we always have and we always will choose a more primitive approach to our song selection,” explains Ballantine.  “We look for songs that have some attitude and we cover bands like The Kinks and Yardbirds.” This distinct musical style is what has put the Cleveland-based band on the local and regional map.

Musical Style

The Clayton Brothers Band weren’t sure that they would be able to cultivate loyal listeners who liked the same, somewhat obscure music as them. Much to their surprise though, they’ve garnered quite a cult following with an audience that grows every year. “We play music that is truly special and music that is loved by people of all ages.  Every night that we play, we make a connection to our audience that can’t be matched.” It’s that audience Clayton Brothers Band group picture2connection that has kept the Clayton Brothers Band playing for all these years.

When asked what Ballantine’s and the band’s goal was in playing, he said it’s very basic. “We want to have fun and we want to invite the audience to have fun, too.” Judging by the pictures, it looks like The Clayton Brothers Band have achieved that goal.

Wheaton World Wide Moving Connection

Bill Ballantine has worked for Corlett Movers & Storage since 1986 and except for a brief year and a half break, has worked there for all 27 years.  Ballantine is a sales person at Corlett and has enjoyed his years both with Corlett and with Wheaton. “Wheaton is responsive from the top on down the line. As a sales person, knowing that your agency and your van line do what they say they are going to do is imperative and Wheaton does that,” Ballantine said.

Sunday Sit-down: Ralph Bingham’s Bekins-branded car

2013 August 11

This week’s Sunday Sit-down features the interesting hobby and passion of an agent who works for our partner company, Bekins Van Lines.  Bekins has been a partner company to Wheaton World Wide Moving since February of 2012.

Bingham’s Passion

Talk about someone who truly bleeds Bekins. Ralph Bingham has worked with Bekins Van Lines in some way since he was 24 years old.  He recently celebrated 36 years with the company at the beginning of August.  Bekins hasn’t just infiltrated his professional life though.  Look inside Bingham’s garage and you will see something a bit unusual: a refurbished 1929 Ford Model A Tudor with the outside of the car painted in Bekins’ signature colors of green and white.

The Car

Talking to Bingham, it’s evident that he’s proud of not only about his career with Bekins, but also of his hobby of restoring old cars, especially this Ford.  “I’ve had several cars over the years, but none quite like this Ford. This was the first car I bought and worked on and it means the most to me.” Refurbishing the car to its current pristine condition was no easy task image of an old car from a newspaper

The Beginning

At the age of 16, Bingham found the shell of his car at a local junkyard in his hometown.  The car lacked seats, tires, and even an engine, but he was able to look past the flaws and envision what the car had the capability to be. He spent nearly four decades and almost $30,000 buying parts and laboring over the car, but to him, this car is priceless. “This car is in the same category as my daughter and my wife– not for sale!”, Bingham says with a laugh.

Favorite Part

an image of a refurbished old carBingham doesn’t hesitate to say that his favorite part of owning this car is when he takes it for a drive up and down the freeway.  “I get lots of thumbs up and high fives.  I have a lot of people out there who think we’re friends because I’ve got a cool car.” For a car lover like himself, this automobile is truly his pride and joy.

Why Bekins?

There’s no better form of employee loyalty than when someone will not only work at a company his whole life, but also deck out his personal belongings to replicate the brand image of their employer.  For Bingham though, there was never any question as to whom or what he would dedicate this automobile to. “I’ve always had a mental picture of this car being a representation of my career. I’ve never worked for anyone other than Bekins, so it  was pretty automatic.” No matter where Bingham and his an old car and two men in front of a Bekins truckFord go, they are constantly promoting not only Bekins Van Lines, but also his storied career and love for the company as well.

Bekins History

Ralph Bingham has always been an agent-owner and a driver while working for Bekins.  Never a fan of office work, he always hired other people to manage the day-to-day operations of the business while he maintained the position of a driver. He spent and still spends his days delivering loads and shipments, interacting with the customers, and cementing himself as the face of his agency, Dixie Moving & Storage. A self-declared people person, Bingham loves that every day is different and that he’ll spend his days talking and communicating with the people his agency serves. It’s a sure fact that he tells his customers about his Bekins-inspired Ford Model A, too.

Sunday Sit-downs

Ralph Bingham isn’t Wheaton’s only talented employee. Make sure you catch up with the rest of the Sunday Sit-downs and keep your eyes peeled for next week’s feature!

Pittsburgh: Not just Steel City

2013 August 7

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

While Pittsburgh may be known for its history of industrialism and steel manufacturing, this city offers a lot more in terms of industry and cultural organizations, offering both residents and visitors a great experience.  Pittsburgh isn’t a huge city – it comes in at approximately 307,000 – but it’s large enough to have a wide variety of offerings to please almost anyone’s palate.  There are several Pittsburgh moving companies in the area that can help with your relocation of any kind – whether it be a move to be near family or friends, to experience a different part of the U.S. or for a corporate relocation, there are plenty of opportunities.  Join Wheaton as we journey through the beautiful Allegheny Mountains to reach the city of Pittsburgh.

Can’t-miss experiences in Pittsburgh

Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh

The Andy Warhol Museum

Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania in general is a hub for art and architecture.  Boasting can’t-miss museums and architectural wonders, these spots are some that you absolutely can’t miss when spending time in The Steel City.

  • The Andy Warhol Museum: Did you know that famous artist Andy Warhol was born and bred in the city of Pittsburgh?  It’s only appropriate then to honor this master at a museum that bears his name.  Offering 900 paintings, 100 sculptures, 4,000 photographs and more, this is museum that no art aficionado should miss.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Hot Spots: Many people know of Frank Lloyd Wright as one of the most famous American architects who ever lived.  What you might not know is that Wright created two of his famous houses within the Pittsburgh area.  Make sure to make it to both Kentuck Knob and Fallingwater.  Fallingwater is arguably one of Wright’s most well-known and remarkable works, but both are worth the time to visit.  With various types of tours available, you’re sure to glean as much information as you’d like about these architectural wonders.

    Fallingwater in Pittsburgh


Eating in Pittsburgh

After spending your day absorbing the arts and culture that surrounds Pittsburgh, you’re stomach might be rumbling.  Satiate your appetite by stopping in at one of our top picks of places to dine in the area:

  • Point Brugge Café: This neighborhood bistro is a popular spot for locals, meaning if you want to dine here, you might have to wait.  The wait is worth it though, especially if you’re a fan of mussels or steak frites, two of Point Brugge’s specialties.
  • Cure: A small restaurant nestled in a Pittsburgh neighborhood, Cure boasts itself on its small menu that’s focused on local urban Mediterranean food.  By and large, the favorite dish to order is the Salumi platter.  Curious to what that is? You’ll have to go to find out! (Trust us, you’ll thank us.)

    Point Brugge cafe in Pittsburgh

    The Point Brugge Cafe

  • Big Jim’s Restaurant & Bar: If you’re looking for a more casual spot, then look no further than Big Jim’s.  Their homemade Italian Wedding Soup is a favorite along with their large selection of specialty sandwiches.  We suggest the chicken parm sandwich, or for you veggie lovers the veggie hoagie is a fan favorite as well.

Moving to Pittsburgh

As soon as you cross the Pittsburgh city limits, you’ll get the idea that living here offers small-town appeal with big city amenities.  Moving can be overwhelming, but not if you have Wheaton World Wide Moving on your side.  With five Pittsburgh moving companies in the area, you’re sure to find an ally in the process.

Road Trip: Wheaton World Wide Moving

Be sure to stay connected with Wheaton as we continue our cross- country journey.  So far, we’ve made stops in Atlanta, Chicago and Charlotte. Stay tuned to see where we’ll go next!

Wheaton World Wide Moving license plate