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Customer satisfaction survey

A satisfied customer is very important at Wheaton World Wide Moving, and we want to ensure that you have a smile on your face at the end of your move. We monitor our service levels and find ways to continually improve them by asking our customers to fill out the customer service report below as well as leaving a review on Google+ or Yelp.

Rate Your Origin Agent

The Wheaton agent in your former community provided:

Useful pre-moving information?
An accurate estimate of cost?
Professional and courteous service?
Accurate and timely communication?

Rate Your Packers

If your cartons were packed by a Wheaton agent or driver, did they:

Arrive promptly and complete packing on schedule?
Use adequate packing materials?
Have professional appearance and conduct?

Rate Your Driver’s Services

Based on the driver’s performance, if I moved again, I would want this driver to handle my shipment

Strongly AgreeAgreeDisagreeStrongly Disagree
At origin?
At destination?

Notification of delivery date and charges (if applicable) was provided in advance of delivery by:

Rate Your Destination Agent

If the Wheaton agent at your new location provided any services, please rate their:

Professionalism and service.

Rate Wheaton Van Lines

Did we:

Pickup your belongings within the agreed period?
Deliver your belongings within the agreed period?
Provide satisfactory communications?

Overall, Rate Our Services

Would you choose Wheaton again?


Did we move a STEINWAY piano for you?
Was your upholstered furniture shrink wrapped?

How did you hear about Wheaton?

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