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How to comparison shop for a moving company

If it's a moving company you need, we're pretty confident that Wheaton World Wide Moving is your best choice. Nevertheless, you should always do your homework when selecting a mover.


Learn more about how to hire the right moving company in our infographic.


Get two to three moving estimates

There's no need for more than three moving estimates; it's a strain on you and typically a waste of your time. Set up an in-home estimate with your local Wheaton representative and representatives from two other major van lines. There are plenty of movers out there, but you minimize the risk of problems when you stick to established brands like Wheaton.


Ask lots of questions

Prepare your list of questions for your moving representative before they arrive. They should carefully explain their entire estimate to you. Your goal should be to ensure you have enough information to make an informed, "apples-to-apples" comparison between moving estimates. That's not always easy. Every moving company is required to maintain its own pricing tariff. As a result, you can't simply look at a discount level and compare. You have to look at each line item.


Weight and distance of the move make the difference

Remember, the key factors in creating a moving estimate are weight and distance. It's unlikely the distance will be too far off from one estimate to the next if you've given a specific destination address. But weights can vary drastically. If the weights are different from one estimate to the next, ask “why?” What did one salesperson include or exclude from the mix that caused the weight to vary because a difference in weight can make a significant difference in cost. You also need to compare services. Did the estimates include appliance servicing? Extra costs for particularly bulky items? Overtime? Extra labor?


Valuation cost

Again, make sure you're comparing apples to apples. If one estimate quoted the lowest level of liability, your valuation will be at no charge. But at 60 cents per pound, you won't get much back if something happens to your household goods in transit. Another estimate might have included full Replacement Value Protection - it can cost hundreds more but protects you from damage if something goes wrong.


Ask us for help

Your Wheaton agent or Wheaton's Customer Service Department will be more than happy to help you fairly and accurately navigate your moving estimates. If you're getting a better deal somewhere else - we'll gladly let you know if we can compete. Contact us if you have any questions.

“Beginning with Dale [our sales rep] and ending with our driver Marcus, all went as promised. It was just perfect!”

Barb and Jeff - Georgetown, TX