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Employee relocation: What to expect when you’re moving for work

Have you landed your dream job, but it’s in a new city? Or you received a fantastic promotion, but it means relocating your family? Moving for work is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for your career – but it certainly comes with its own set of challenges. For many people, the process is overwhelming, and they don’t quite know where to start.

Wheaton has extensive experience with employee relocation. We can help you get to your new home quickly, with as few worries as possible, so you can be free to focus your attention on settling into your new job. 

But before you begin packing up your bags, here are a few pointers to help you know exactly what to expect when you’re moving for work:

Understand Your Employer Relocation Benefits

If you haven’t already done so, the first thing to do is ask your employer about your specific relocation benefits. Every company offers a different plan, and it’s important to make sure you know exactly what is covered and what is not.

In most cases, employers will offer a relocation package that falls into one of these three categories:


Lump Sum Payment

The employer provides a one-time, pre-negotiated payment that should be used to pay for your moving expenses. This typically means you are responsible for researching and coordinating your move with the moving company of your choice. The lump sum is a fixed amount of money – so be sure to keep an eye on your budget.

Re-imbursement Plan

The company agrees to reimburse you for your moving expenses, up to a pre-determined amount of money. For these types of relocation packages, it’s essential that you understand the specific details of how you will be reimbursed. What types of expenses are covered? Which ones are not? How and when will you be reimbursed? Double and triple check your employer’s approved expenditure policy and whatever you do, don’t lose your receipts!

Direct Bill Program

The employer pays all of your eligible moving costs directly to the moving company – there’s no need for you to be in the middle. In many cases, that means the company will select the movers and coordinate the moving services for you, or hire a relocation service provider to orchestrate the move on your behalf. Learn more about Wheaton’s corporate relocation opportunities.


Find the Right Moving Company

If your employer offers a relocation package in the form of a lump sum or reimbursement plan, you likely will be responsible for researching and selecting a moving company. Be sure to pick a reputable, insured moving company that will ease your transition, not add more stress to it.

When you’re moving for work, look for a moving company that meets the following criteria:

For more tips on how to research potential movers, check out our list of 7 questions to ask a professional moving company.

Request an In-Home Estimate

After you’ve done your research, ask the movers to send out a professional for an in-person survey of your home and belongings. Never hire a moving company that only provides estimates online or over the phone – an in-home estimate is absolutely necessary. It’s the only way the movers can accurately assess your items and provide a comprehensive estimate of how much your unique move will cost.

Wheaton: Your Employee Relocation Experts

After you’ve done your research, we’re confident you’ll find Wheaton as the smart choice for your move. We have a successful track record of employee relocations that spans more than six decades, and we’re committed to making your move as quick and stress-free as possible.

To streamline the moving process, we’ll also appoint a dedicated account coordinator to manage your relocation, so you can have a single point of contact throughout your move. The account coordinator can work directly with you or your HR department – whatever is easiest for you.

To learn more about relocating for work and how Wheaton can help make your transition easier, call us at 1-800-248-7962 or contact your local Wheaton agent.