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Design a moving plan that matches your expectations

When it comes to moving, you can choose from a lot of options. Bottom line - ask your local Wheaton representative to help you design a move that's best for you. Here are some household relocation options to consider.


Full packing

Packing in the moving business refers to boxable items (clothing, books, pots and pans, etc.). You can have Wheaton pack these for you or, if you wish, pack the items into boxes yourself. The packing is an additional cost based on your specific need. Keep in mind, if you pack your own belongings you may be limiting the liability of the van line. Without knowing the preexisting condition of the goods you pack yourself, Wheaton can't accept full liability.


Partial/custom packing

Some people want only certain items to be packed by the mover. That's okay, too. It's a great way to have your most fragile belongings packed by professionals who will accept liability for broken items, while you pack other items and save money on your household move.


Limited liability protection

Wheaton World Wide Moving presents customers with a limited amount of coverage against damage or loss at no additional cost. This amount is $0.60 per pound, per item. If you do not elect to take the limited liability coverage, Replacement Value Protection will be applied to your shipment.


Replacement Value Protection (RVP)

When a shipment requires a higher level of coverage during transportation, a customer can purchase RVP. The amount of minimum coverage is based on the weight of the shipment multiplied by $6 per pound (1,000 pounds X $6 per pound = $6,000 of coverage). Ask your Wheaton representative for pricing on RVP.


Non binding moving estimate

Your Wheaton World Wide Moving representative provides a non-binding moving estimate where the final charges are based on the actual weight of your shipment. The final weight is determined by weighing the truck before loading and again after loading. The final price may increase or decrease based on that weight.


Binding With Option

Sometimes called a "not-to-exceed" estimate, your actual transportation charges will not be higher than your moving estimate as long as your don’t add items to be moved that were not originally on the estimate. If the actual weight of your belongings are lower than estimated, your transportation charges will be based on the lower weight and you could save money. Be aware that not all parts of the shipment can be bound. For example the Replacement Value Protection will fluctuate with the actual weight of the shipment to ensure the proper amount of coverage.

Ask your Wheaton World Wide Moving representative about other moving options and sales programs.

“Very satisfied with Wheaton and have already recommended them to family in Indiana. Everyone was very professional. Nothing was damaged in transit.”

Jean, Arlington Hts, IL