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Environmentally friendly (green) moving tips

A lot of our customers ask us, "What can I do to lessen my own environmental footprint and relocate more responsibly?" The answer is easier than you may think.

  • You can give away or sell any non-essential items you don't need to move.
    • Neighborhood yard sales and giveaways are one way to go.
    • Web sites like eBay, Craig's List and The Freecycle Network provide virtual ways to unload unwanted items.
  • Books can be donated to local libraries, and most schools will be happy to make use of old computers.
  • Goodwill and other charities will gladly take old clothes for resale in thrift outlets.
  • Move with recyclable or reusable packing materials.
    • Your local Wheaton agent can provide gently used cartons for a reduced fee, or no charge in many cases.
    • Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies.
  • Cut down on junk mail at your new address by filing a temporary change of address with your post office rather than a permanent one.
  • Use recyclable packing paper that can be recycled at a later point.
    • Cornstarch packing peanuts provide a biodegradable option.
  • When unpacking, expendables such as boxes, packing paper, peanuts, twine, rope and bungee are all reusable moving resources.
    • If you don't have room to store them, they tend to fly off the "shelves" at Web sites like Craig's List when posted as freebies.
    • Of course, another eco-friendly unpacking option is to recycle items like cardboard and plastic-foam peanuts.


If you're interested in becoming "greener" in your everyday life (not just when you move), check out these 10 painless changes for a green home.

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