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Stay Plugged In: How to Move Consumer Electronics

It takes careful planning to ensure that you have the most effective move. At Wheaton World Wide Moving, we encourage you to take extra precaution when packing, moving and storing your valuables. Follow these packing tips for your electronic equipment, including big screen televisions, computers, printers, surround sound systems, DVD, VCR and CD players.


How to move a computer

Here are several packing strategies that can protect your personal computer from damage or mechanical failure:

  • Prepare the hard disc drive: Before moving computer components, park your hard drive and back up all software. To find out if your computer needs to be backed up, consult your owner's manual. Once drives are secure, turn the system OFF and remove all cables from the back of your unit. Take a picture of the cables or mark the cable and the connection point with the same colored tape. This will help you easily reconnect at your destination.
  • Prepare to pack and ship: If you can, pack the computer in the original packing box. If you can't find the original box, we can provide sturdy containers to keep your computer safe.

How to move a printer

As with computers, the original packing box and material is the best transportation choice. When moving a laser printer, remove the ink cartridge to avoid an ink spill and laser engine contamination. Before moving a pin printer, insert a piece of paper in the platen. This secures the print head.


How to move a CD or DVD player

If you use the following tips prior to moving, your CD or DVD player should make it to your new destination without a scratch:

  • Remove all CDs or DVDs from various systems and close the CD or DVD trays.
  • Move the CD or DVD player using the original box and original packing materials if possible. If you can't find the box, we offer packing material that will ensure no excess wiggle-room, helping keep your player free from damage.

If you have a remote control, wrap it separately and pack it in the same box. Pack any extra wiring into the same box as well.


How to move a big screen TV and other electronics

Most electronics are very fragile, big screen TVs are no different. Unless you still have the original box, let a Wheaton professional wrap and crate your valuable electronics for maximum protection. Pack the following items in the same box as your TV:

  • All cords and remote controls.
  • Lists of all electronic components and computer equipment (include serial numbers if you have them).


Unless you know how to move consumer electronics, you may damage your valuable items beyond repair. Let our experienced Wheaton team help you pack and move your things as safely and securely as possible. Contact us today.


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