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How to move electronic items like computers, TVs and printers

Wheaton can facilitate the relocation of all your electronic equipment including computers, printers, big screen televisions, surround sound systems, DVDs, VCRs and CD players. We recommend using a third-party service to properly prepare a plasma television for transport.


How to move a computer

Before moving your personal computer, there are certain procedures to follow which will protect your system from mechanical failure or damage due to normal physical shock which occurs during transport. If the following steps are taken prior to moving your computer, your system will arrive safely at your destination.

  • Floppy disc drive preparation: Make backup copies of your data files and store them together with the original program disks in a sturdy container, preferably a fireproof lockbox. Remove any floppy diskettes from the drives and insert a cardboard disc or an old floppy disc in the drive and close the drive door.
  • Hard disc preparation: Before moving computer components, park the hard drive and back up all software. Newer models may not require parking. Check your owner's manual to find out about your specific computer. Once your drives are secure, you should turn the system to OFF and remove all cables from the back of the unit.
  • Packing/shipping preparation: The original packing box your system came in is the best choice. The rigid Styrofoam packing material will hold the system securely in place. In the event your original box is not available, Wheaton will provide a sturdy packing container and materials.


How to move a printer

  • The original packing box and material is the best choice for transport because the Styrofoam is customized to fit each printer.
  • If you are moving a laser printer, remove the ink cartridge as the ink may spill and contaminate the laser engine.
  • If you are moving a pin printer, you should insert a piece of paper in the platen to secure the print head.


How to move a CD or DVD player

Before moving your CD or DVD player, there are certain procedures to follow which will protect your system from mechanical failure or damage due to normal physical shock which occurs during transport. If the following tips are used prior to moving, your CD and/or DVD player should arrive safely at destination.

  • Remember to remove all CDs/DVDs from your player before packing.
    If you don't have the owner's manual, draw a diagram of the wiring PRIOR TO disconnection. Or take a picture with your phone or camera.
  • Some CD/DVD players have a transport screw under the unit. Tighten it before packing.
  • Remove any stacker or multi-play cartridges prior to packing and wrap individually.
  • Close CD/DVD trays.
  • The best way to move your CD/DVD player is in the original box with the original packing. In the event that you do not have the original box and/or packing, use a box big enough to cover the entire unit with enough room for packing material. The packing material should snugly fill the excess room in the box so that the unit will not move around. Your local Wheaton agent can wrap and crate the CD/DVD player for maximum protection.
  • If you have a remote control, be sure to wrap it separately, but pack it in the same box. All wiring should also go in the box.


How to move a big screen TV and other electronics

  • If you no longer have the original carton and packing materials, carefully pack the item in a sturdy carton so that packing material fits snugly around the item and fills the excess room in the box. Your local Wheaton agent can wrap and crate the item for maximum protection.
  • Pack all cords and remote controls in the same box as the item.
  • Take a picture with your phone or camera, draw a simple diagram, or color-code wires before disconnecting to make reconnecting much simpler.
  • Complete a list of all electronic components and computer equipment with the serial numbers of each piece prior to moving them.

“I just wanted to say thank you again to everyone associated with your company and Wheaton World Wide Moving. You all did a wonderful job of getting sentimental items, some of which were large and unwieldy and others fragile and handmade or antique, from our late father's home in small town Southern Illinois to family members in Colorado and Massachusetts. You made my task as the family member coordinating the moves much, much easier.”

Kay - Shelburne, MA