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How to move with children

You can never predict how a child will react to the news of moving from, often, the only home they've ever known. Children often will embrace the idea of moving if they are involved in the process. Wheaton has taken the guesswork of moving with kids and provided some tips that will help your children before, during and after the relocation process. For a fun, engaging way to get your kids on board with a move, check out our list of the top ten best children's books about moving.


  • Talk to your children and explain about the upcoming relocation. Pay attention to their reactions and let them ask questions.
  • Include your children in making plans for the move. For example, take them house-hunting with you.
  • Help your children learn about the new area.
  • Let them help decide how their new rooms are to be arranged and decorated.
  • Encourage children to exchange addresses, phone numbers and email addresses with their friends.
  • Have each child help pack a special box with his or her most treasured possessions - they can even decorate the outside of the box so they can quickly identify it in your new home.
  • Take a "family break" as soon as the major unpacking is done. Don't try to do everything when you arrive.
  • Parents should spend time after the move listening to each child about new schools and new friends.
  • Enroll each child in activities similar to those he or she was involved with at the old home to keep continuity.
  • Follow progress in new schools. Accompanying your children to school the first few days may ease tension.
  • Any lingering abnormalities (loss of appetite, insomnia, etc.) should be reported to a doctor.
  • If your relocation involves suburban to rural, or vice versa, caution children about new situations they will face.


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