Childproofing Your Home

Tips from Good Housekeeping’s “The Complete Household Handbook”

Around the Home

  • Put covers on unused electrical outlets
  • Don’t leave partially filled buckets of water around the house; a child could drown
  • Cut window blind cords; the loops are strangling hazards
  • A baby’s crib; should have tight-fitting mattress and sheets, and no loose, missing or broken slats
  • Use a cordless phone around the house
  • Anchor freestanding bookshelves to the wall
  • Children under age 6 should not sleep on the top bunk of bunk beds due to risk of falling off

In the Kitchen

  • Keep all sharp objects and cleaners in cabinets and drawers with child-safety locks
  • Keep hot drinks and food away from the edge of the counter
  • When cooking, set up a safe place for children to play that’s in sight
  • Don’t consider high shelves or cabinets to be childproof

In the Bathroom

  • Don’t leave the toilet seat up; young children could drown
  • Never leave children unattended in the bathtub
  • Teach children to test the water before washing their hangs or using the shower or tub
  • Use a rubber mat or traction pads to reduce likelihood of slipping and falling
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