Swimming Pool Safety

If you have a swimming pool, check local ordinances for proper safety regulations.

  • Enclose the pool with a fence at least 6 feet high and with a locked gate to keep children out. Lawn chairs, trees, and shrubs should not be close enough to provide a boost over the fence.
  • Avoid using a side of the house as part of the fence, a child could wander through the house, out the door, and into the pool area.
  • Use non-slip materials on pool deck, diving board and ladders.
  • Install gates in the pool area that close and lock automatically.
  • Install alarms on the gate or turn on pool alarms (which activate when anyone falls in the water) when you are indoors or away.
  • Keep water level at least 3 inches from the top so a child can grasp the side and get air.
  • Cover the pool during off season, and remove cover completely when in use.
  • Keep a first-aid kit near pool.
  • Store pool chemicals in a locked cabinet.
  • Do not allow children to swim unsupervised, even adults should not swim alone.

Source: “The Complete Household Handbook” by Good Housekeeping

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    pool safety is must for every pool owner and It is essential for everyone that go that swimming that have proper fencing and safety measures so this is very nice post and thanks for sharing these safety guidelines with us.

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