How to Set up Your New Home Office

Wheaton World Wide Moving may be dedicated to providing moving services to those around the world, but we also like to provide our customers with helpful tips and information they can utilize after we unload the last of their belongings.

Enter helpful housing tips…

Just moved in setting up your new home office? We compiled a great list of helpful tips that are sure to help your planning process.

Small home-office spaces demand careful organization. Here are some tips to maximize your space…

  • Cork all or part of a wall to create another work surface. Tack up your calendar, family photos and so on.
  • Use labels—which are great organizational tools—throughout the office space.
  • Set up a filing system that works for you. Then purge it once a year.
  • Set up a desk system that includes a small vertical file for active projects.
  • Locate bookcases in a hallway for reference you don’t need at hand.
Other things to keep in mind:
  • Your workspace needs a minimum of 20 inches from front to back and closer to 36 inches deep if you plan on using a computer.
  • An L-or U-shaped desk is besk. Choose a model with a minimum of 2 drawers.
  • Plan sufficient artificial light so your office can function after dark.
  • Pick a chair that can support your lower back.
  • Pick the best room in the home for your home office.
  • Paint the walls your favorite color and provide shelving for treasured collections.
  • Keep a radio or CD player handy to provide pleasant background music.
Source: “The Complete Household Handbook” by Good Housekeeping

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