Why you should get an in-home moving estimate

There are endless places on the Internet where you can drop in some basic moving information and receive an approximate estimate of the moving costs. Even Wheaton offers a ballpark estimator on our website.

Moving estimator tools are very helpful in the early stages of choosing a moving company. But there is an important next step: the in-home moving estimate.

There are several reasons that an in-home moving estimate is important. First, it gives you a chance to meet the movers you might hire and who might be handling your household goods. Secondly, it gives the movers a chance to assess the items and provide you with an accurate estimate. Any mover who declines to provide an in-home estimate in advance of the move should be crossed off your list of potential movers.

The longer a mover has been in business, the more experience he or she has, the more accurate the moving estimate you receive will be. That means no surprise fees or up-charges on moving day if the items you agree to move during the in-home estimate remain the same. Many Wheaton agents have been running a moving and storage business for decades, and pride themselves on building accurate estimates that give their customers peace of mind.

Interested in requesting an in-home estimate from a Wheaton agent near you? Complete our in-home estimate form. Or, find a local Wheaton agent near you and contact them directly.