Saving Money on Your Move

No matter how you do it, moving comes with costs. Even if you went budget-friendly by performing your move do-it-yourself, you might have forgotten to budget for enough gas. Likewise, something unexpected could pop up that no one could plan for, such as freak weather patterns or public health emergencies. At Wheaton, we have a 115-year history of moving, so we’ve gotten thousands of families’ goods to their new homes through every emergency possible.

The basic equation of relocation costs stays the same: the more weight you have and the farther you need to move it, the more expensive the move will be. Below is a list of ways you can cut weight so when those unexpected expenses make themselves known, you have the extra money in your budget to take care of them.

Plan how to cut costs during your move through leaving large items behind, donating items to charity, or talking to a Wheaton agent.

If these methods don’t work for your customized move plan, talk with your Wheaton agent about other ways to minimize the costs of your move. If you have any questions, please give your Wheaton agent a call!