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Tips on Moving

Moving Specialty Items

Before you put your residence up for sale, carefully consider extras that can be included to increase the appeal and the value of your home — and cut moving costs in the process. From chandeliers to ceiling fans. Most buyers assume that such fixtures are included with the home. Unless there’s a special sentimental season,…

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Employee Relocation, Moving Guides & Tips

The more stuff you move, the more it’s going to cost you. On long distance moves, the main cost factors are weight and distance, while local moves are calculated by handling time and added services, like packing. Here are some creative approaches to cut weight and costs from your upcoming move. Ignore the “I-might-need-it-someday” syndrome Don’t…

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Packing Guides & Tips

Packing. It’s time-consuming and often overwhelming. But, with the proper planning and approach to packing, you can get moving in the right direction from the very beginning. Wheaton agents offer professionally trained packing crews that can assist you in any phase of your move. So how do our professional crews pack up the fragile items?…

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