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woman packing for a move with Wheaton moving boxes
The better the packing, the better the move

Professional packing is an added expense, but it often pays for itself in convenience and safety. Your mover has the… Continue reading

If you’re going to pack it yourself, pack it right

I was helping my boyfriend unpack some boxes the other day. When he moved into my our home from his… Continue reading

A roadmap to moving success

Work. School. Soccer practice. Birthday parties. Grocery shopping. Bills. Let’s face it — life is busy. Adding a move to a… Continue reading

For a moving experience, choose your mover carefully

Back in the day, promising to serve up beer and pizza was all it took to rope friends into helping… Continue reading

Get your children back into the swing of things

Settling into a new home can be stressful, especially for young children who function best on a daily routine. Getting children back into school… Continue reading

Establing new roots

The Wheaton movers unloaded all of your belongings. All of the boxes are unpacked and your knick knacks are in… Continue reading

Liquidate or donate

You’ve decided for certain you’re moving and you’ve gone through your belongings. Once you decide what to part with, decide… Continue reading

Save on taxes

Yes, folks, the dreaded day is only a month away. April 15 is the deadline for filing federal income tax. The… Continue reading

four houseplants on a wooden table
How does your garden grow?

Spring is about to…well, spring. For many, that means getting your hands dirty with gardening and lawn care. Items associated… Continue reading

Take a picture, it’ll last longer…and save you some money

It’s official — my boyfriend is moving from his downtown condo into my 1,000-square-foot house with me. In addition to… Continue reading