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The bigger, the better…until you move

In-home entertainment options have increased dramatically over the last ten years as has the size of televisions. Like many households… Continue reading

Learn the lingo

My mother always said, “You learn something new everyday.” This is definitely true for my roommate who is in the… Continue reading

Eating out of house and home

It’s estimated that a family of four spends $560 a month on dining out an average of five times per… Continue reading

With a promotion comes relocation

I have a roommate. I never anticipated having a roommate when I purchased my home two years ago, but it… Continue reading

“But, I might need it someday”

While flipping through television stations the other night, I came across a show about people who hold onto things. Too many things. … Continue reading

Moving tip number four: Play it safe and leave the fireworks behind

There are certain items, like leftover bottle rockets, that simply cannot be moved on a moving van. That means you’ll have to move those items yourself or get rid of them – in an environmentally appropriate manner – before the moving crew shows up at your home to pack and load the moving van.

The devil’s in the details

The mover may be hired and your belongings organized for your move, but don’t forget all of the services you’re… Continue reading

Moving tip number three: Be prepared for the hidden costs of do-it-yourself moving

When I moved into my home nearly 10 years ago, I did the same thing I’d done five times before: … Continue reading

Komen Tissue Bank allows Wheaton to move lives in different way

There are few organizations more recognizable than Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to eradicating breast… Continue reading

Moving tip number two: If you don’t get help here, get help somewhere legit

A few years ago a local hospital specializing in mental illness ran a series of advertisements suggesting that even if… Continue reading