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Life moves on while you relocate, so when you move your business or household, you need to stick to a schedule. To work with a moving company that will keep you on track, hire Azar Storage. With professional service and guaranteed timing, our movers will get you settled in to your new location, whether you’re moving to or from the Annapolis, MD, area.

Guaranteed Schedule

We guarantee our pickup and delivery schedule, so you’ll know exactly when you need to have your things ready to go and precisely when your belongings will arrive. You won’t need to call anyone in frustration because items you need are missing. You’ll just receive reliable, scheduled service from our long-distance or local movers.

In addition to running on time, we’re sure to be careful with your property. Our goal is to deliver your belongings safely, not just promptly. In the event that there’s an accident and some of your property is damaged, it will be covered under the valuation protection we provide.

If you don’t need your things right away but do need to move them out of your old place, check out our options for fixed and portable storage. You can place your items in our Annapolis, MD, warehouse or in a portable storage container. Our warehouse covers 25,000 square feet and can accommodate both residential and commercial needs.

To get started, give us a call. Our number is 1-800-848-1412.