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There’s a compelling reason you should choose Move-Pros as your moving company: we can do everything you need. With our specialty services, we can move virtually anything and deliver it in pristine condition. With Move-Pros, you won’t have to worry about getting property to or from the Sacramento, CA, area in one piece.

Some things are more delicate than others, so at Move-Pros we are specially trained to take care of the exceptional items you need to preserve. For example, we can move fine art, large pianos, antiques, and lab equipment. We perform moves for households, hotels, offices, and many different types of organizations, so we’re prepared for just about any situation.

We have equipment suited for safely moving items such as large pianos, and our careful packing and crating can protect your items in transit. You can also take advantage of our white-glove delivery service to make sure you get your items when you want them and in the exact same condition you left them in.

Move-Pros provides both local movers and long-distance movers, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not your move is too far for us. Our high-quality services are still available to you.
To get started, all you have to do is give our Sacramento, CA, office a call at (800) 946-8852.

Move-Pros provides customers with professional moving services in the following areas: Sacramento, CA • Elk Grove, CA • Vacaville, CA • Woodland, CA • Davis, CA • Roseville, CA • Citrus Heights, CA • Folsom, CA • Lodi, CA • West Sacramento, CA