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Perhaps you want to hire movers to help you in or out of the Phillipsburg, NJ, area but are wary of the cost.  Maybe you’re not sure how comfortable you would be allowing strangers to handle your belongings.  Paul’s Transfer Company can put these worries to rest.  We are everything you need; a moving company with friendly professionals who provide services you can afford.

Help for You

Paul’s Transfer Company has been helping New Jersey residents for over 30 years, when Paul Clark, a door-to-door bread salesman, started helping customers move.  Just as Paul went from individual to individual on his bread route, our company still focuses on each person as we provide our services.

We offer a variety of moving arrangements to accommodate almost any budget, and we’re honest about our services and prices so you know what you’re signing up for.  We also maintain Paul’s down-to-earth, friendly approach.  Working with us is like getting help from close neighbors—only we have professional abilities.

We work as both long-distance and local movers, so whatever kind of moving help you need, we’re willing to help you get to your new home.

To get a free quote, give us a call at (866) 859-4443.

Paul’s Transfer Co., Inc. provides customers with professional moving services in the following areas: Allentown, PA • Bethlehem, PA • Hillsborough, NJ • Branchburg, NJ • Flemington, NJ • Hackettstown, NJ • College Hill, PA • Easton, PA • Fredon, NJ • Stroudsburg, PA