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Privacy policy

Wheaton World Wide Moving is committed to protecting your privacy. Wheaton values the relationship we have with our customers. Our privacy policy was created to provide you with the capability to understand how we protect your information. 


Information covered by this policy 

Our policy applies to all information, personal and financial, about you that is obtained by Wheaton in connection with providing you any of our services, and when you submit information to Wheaton through our Web site or email.  Our privacy policy begins the moment we start to collect information and lasts even after the relationship has ended.


How we obtain information

Your information is collected through a variety of methods. We may collect personal (and business) information about you from:

  • The information you submit to us through our Web site, phone calls and  mailings (including email)
  • Through the use of  “cookies,” which may track and collect viewing and clicking data as well as other data about our Web site visitors
  • Your transactions with any companies in the Wheaton family and Wheaton authorized agents
  • Anyone you have authorized to provide information
  • Other services provided in connection with a financial product or service


More about our use of cookies

Wheaton uses first party cookies as well as third party cookies to see how visitors use our Web site; this may include which pages are viewed, what links are clicked on, how much time was spent on a single page or the Web site overall, and other basic Web site usage data. Wheaton uses this data to better understand how our Web site visitors use our Web site so we may continually improve the Web site for our customers over time. You may find information about opting-out of having your site usage collected here. 


The security of your information 

The information collected will be used solely for its intended use. Our partners and suppliers will receive only the information necessary for the intended use and are bound to uphold our privacy policy. Your personal information is also limited to those employees who need the information to provide you with the products and services. Wheaton Van Lines, Inc. is the parent of a much larger family and, therefore, your information may be shared with other companies in the Wheaton family in order to provide the best service possible. Wheaton will provide your authorized agent with the necessary information to complete your product and service requests.


Selling your information - or rather, not selling it

Wheaton World Wide Moving does not participate in selling your personal or business information to any outside party. To reiterate what was previously mentioned, the only people who will be given your information are those who are authorized and have a part in providing products and services to you.


Who to contact if you have questions or concerns

Please send an email to info@wvlcorp.com to receive additional information.

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