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Specialty Moving Services

keys on wooden pianoIt’s one thing to pack clothes and towels for a move. It’s another to pack china, glassware, instruments and other fragile items. With Wheaton, you can rest easy knowing our movers will carefully pack and deliver your most delicate belongings. Whether you need to move your car or your furniture or something else entirely, we can help. Plus, we offer a range of coverage options with our specialty moving services to ensure your items are protected against the unexpected.

Specialty Moves: Relocating Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

Wheaton partners with the best of the best—ELS Essential FF&E Project Management—to provide the relocation of furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E). ELS handles everything from fragile china cabinets to light fixtures to delicate upholstery. In addition to moving services, they provide professional warehousing and distribution facilities, too. Keep reading to learn more about Wheaton’s specialty moves or visit to learn more about the great work our partners are doing.

Can Wheaton Move My Car?

Yes. It’s common to need help moving an automobile, especially over the course of a long interstate move. At Wheaton, we’ll make sure your vehicle arrives safely to your destination. We offer an in-van service as well as the use of a third-party carrier. If you choose in-van service, your vehicle will be transported on our moving truck along with the rest of your goods. Your Wheaton agent can advise you about which of our options best fit your needs and budget. Please note that there may be a charge for choosing to use a third-party automobile carrier.

Moving Appliances and Other Heavy Items

Items like pool tables and appliances aren’t just heavy, they’re also delicate. You don’t want them shoved or jostled onto a truck by someone who doesn’t appreciate the care they require. Wheaton’s air-ride trailers are equipped with furniture pads, straps, decking materials and walk boards to ensure items are protected and cared for during your move.

If you’re moving major appliances (freezers, stoves, etc.), they must be properly disconnected prior to the arrival of the mover. Authorized service firms can disconnect and prepare appliances for transport. Please be sure that refrigerators and freezers are defrosted, cleaned and dry before the movers arrive. Your local Wheaton agent can help facilitate these services.

Professional Piano Moving You Can Count On

Pianos are heavy and cumbersome, but they’re also delicate. It’s difficult to navigate a piano through living spaces without bumping against walls and floors. All that bumping could seriously damage the instrument. Professionals help make sure your piano isn’t damaged and doesn’t damage anything else during your move. Your Wheaton agent is proud to offer expert piano moving services. We arrive quickly, make a plan for moving your piano safely and get it where it’s going without missing a beat.

Our team has experience relocating:

  • Vertical pianos
  • Console pianos
  • Upright pianos
  • Baby grand pianos
  • Full-size grand pianos

Ready to Get Moving?

If you have questions about our specialty moving services or you’re ready to get started with your move, get in touch with your local Wheaton agent. We’ll ask you a few questions about your items and your move, assign you the right team and schedule things out. We look forward to making your specialty move stress-free!

Frequently Asked Questions

First, Wheaton’s team looks at factors like what kind of piano you have and where it’s located inside your home to determine the best route for removing it. Once we have our plan, we’ll prepare the piano, dissembling as necessary and securing the rest using padded tarps, straps and other protective material. We’ll also lay walkboards on your floors and pads on your walls to prevent jostling damage.

Whenever possible, the team moves the piano by strapping it onto a dolly to minimize the possibility of dropping it. When we’ve reached the moving vehicle, we’ll strap the piano down and insulate it to prevent other items from bumping it during transportation. Then, we arrive at your destination and repeat the loading steps in reverse to place your piano in your new space. Moving a piano safely requires an experienced team to coordinate every step of the way—Wheaton is that team.

Wheaton has agents all over the country that are equipped with handling specialty moves. If you have cumbersome furniture, instruments or other large items that need to be moved, find an agent in your area to get started.

Specialty moving services are required when the items you need moved have large dimensions, are of high value or have unique care instructions. Examples of these items are pianos, pool tables, antiques, large tech products and more.

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