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3 Reasons to Leave Large Appliances Behind When You Move

September 19, 2016 | Moving Specialty Items

As you begin to pack the plates, mugs and Tupperware in your kitchen, you may start to wonder, do I need to take my dishwasher with me to my new home? What about my refrigerator? The short answer: no. In fact, leaving your large appliances behind when you move can provide unexpected benefits.

3 Reasons You Should Leave Your Large Appliances Behind When You Move

Before you unplug your kitchen appliances and lug them out to storage or a moving van, keep reading to consider the possibility of leaving them behind. The benefits of leaving them at your old space may surprise you:

1. Large appliances require extra care when packing and moving

Stoves, dishwashers and refrigerators, for example, may seem strong enough to withstand the typical bumps and bruises that come with moving—however, these appliances rely on complex electronics that can easily get damaged when you don’t exercise extreme care. These extra steps and precautions can be a hassle when you have to move in a hurry.

If you decide to take them with you, here are steps you need to take to move with large appliances:

  • To properly move your dishwasher, you’ll need to disconnect and drain all the hoses. You’ll need to allow the dishwasher to dry fully—otherwise, you may see mold and mildew buildup when you get to your new home.
  • To pack your gas stove, you need to hire a certified technician to disconnect it from the gas line and seal any openings; otherwise, you increase the risk of a house fire.
  • To ship your refrigerator or freezer, remove any loose parts—such as drawers and shelves, for example—and pack them separately. And like the dishwasher, your refrigerator needs to dry fully or you’ll see mold in the water reservoir.
  • Once your items arrive at the new place, let them sit without being plugged in for 24 to 48 hours. That way the temperature will be able to stabilize before you connect them to electricity.

2. Large appliances cost more to ship

From packing supplies to hiring a moving crew, moving already comes with a lot of expenses. Large appliances take up a lot of space in your moving truck, and their weight makes loading and unloading difficult and stressful. Since moving companies determine your bill based on weight and volume, those large appliances may take up a large portion of your moving budget.

Compare the cost and time of unhooking, loading, shipping and re-installing your appliances to the cost of new units. You may find it easier and cheaper just to buy new appliances!

3. Your appliances may land you a better sale on your home

There is no obligation to leave your appliances behind when you move. However, first-time homebuyers tend to look for fully-loaded homes, since they don’t often have their own appliances. When potential buyers view your home and see the latest appliances in great condition, they’re more likely to make your property a priority over a similar home at a lower price.

You can also use your beautiful stainless steel fridge or country-style gas stove as a bargaining chip when you create your listing. Your realtor can assess your home’s value based on the condition of your appliances, and with a little negotiation, you can earn a little more on the sale of your home.

Enjoy a simpler move without your appliances

Although you may feel some attachment to your larger appliances, you may be better off leaving a few of them behind during your move. Without a heavy stove or dishwasher to load and unload, you can save on time on moving and money on transportation.

Another way to make your move hassle-free is to get in touch with the moving experts at Wheaton World Wide Moving. We’re here to help at every step of the moving process. Get in touch with Wheaton today!

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