Getting your home and belongings ready for a move doesn’t have to come with stress — especially when you have Wheaton World Wide to help. Explore our moving and packing videos below to get started: 

Valuation Protects Your Belongings.

We are dedicated to ensuring the safe delivery of your belongings. However, accidents can happen. Understanding the different types of valuation will help you to make the right choice for protecting your move. Learn more about our moving protection options by watching the video below: 

Packing for a Move Tips and Tricks

General Packing Tips For Your Move

Packing is tough. So, you’ll be happy to know that the experts at Wheaton have provided tips and tricks on how to set up your packing station and keep your items damage-free during relocation. 

Types of Moving Cartons

If you think you only need one type of box to pack every item in your home, press play on this expert packing video. These different types of packing cartons will keep your items safe while they’re moved to your new home: 

How to Pack Mirrors & Artwork

Delicate items like mirrors and artwork are among the most difficult to pack. If you aren’t able to leave these items to the professionals, you’ll want to follow our packing tips closely to make sure the items make it safely to their destination: 

Lamps & Lampshades

Lamps aren’t necessarily heavy to move, but they can be awkward to move safely. 

Luckily, our moving experts know just what you can do to keep your lamps and lampshades safe:

Stemware & Dishes

With cabinets full of glass and shelves stacked with dishes, the kitchen can be overwhelming to pack. See how to pack your stemware and dishes to keep these delicate items intact: 


Don’t let your books get damaged or your boxes get too heavy! Watch our video to ensure your favorite reads can be transported safely:


Protect your precious china during a move with our essential packing tips. This video provides careful guidance on wrapping, padding and box selection to ensure your fragile items reach their destination in perfect condition:


Keep your handbags in top condition during your move. Watch our video for expert advice on how to maintain shape, prevent scratches and protect the materials during transit: 


Discover how to optimally pack and protect your footwear. Our video offers tips on preventing deformation, saving space and ensuring your shoes arrive in the best possible condition:

How to Choose Between Moving Companies

There are many moving companies to choose from. Watch our video to hear tips and tricks on picking a moving company from Wheaton President, A.J Schneider.

To put it simply, people don’t enjoy moving. It can be heartbreaking to leave family and friends and it’s hard to move away from what’s familiar. Plus, approximately 3,000 Americans experience moving fraud every year. Watch our video on how to avoid rogue movers:

We’re Here to Help. 

We know that moving isn’t easy. From packing your high value items to choosing a moving company, there’s a lot that goes into the moving process. That’s why we make sure to provide you with all the resources you need to be prepared for the big day. Explore more of our relocation resources like our Wheaton World Wide blog or our FAQ page. Or if you’re ready to get started, contact Wheaton today.

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