Moving tip number two: If you don’t get help here, get help somewhere legit

A few years ago a local hospital specializing in mental illness ran a series of advertisements suggesting that even if people didn’t use its services, depression was a serious enough condition that they should “get help somewhere.”

I’ve always felt like that same message could be adopted by the legitimate members of the moving and storage industry – especially the major household goods carriers. Too often we hear horror stories of families who find themselves mixed up with “rogue” movers who strong arm them into paying more than they bargained for, or who simply abscond with their belongings, never to be seen again.

Avoiding the bad guys is really as simple as a cliché that’s been around forever:  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But I’d like to take it one-step further – hiring a reliable and reputable interstate moving company, is as simple as sticking to the major household goods carriers. There are about 10 or 15 major interstate carriers that – combined – have thousands of interstate moving agents across the country. Wheaton World Wide Moving is the sixth largest household goods carrier according the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA).

You heard it here first:  If I ever see a potential customer getting estimates from a fly-by-night moving company, I will gladly refer them to one of my legitimate competitor’s if it meant they wouldn’t hire the bad guy. It’s as simple and serious as that.

In January 2009, the AMSA launched a new program called ProMover. It’s designed to help consumers make informed, safe decisions about which moving company to hire for their relocation. As part of the program, AMSA officials have screened thousands of its members, conducted background checks and measured quality to ensure they can be certified as ProMovers. In the coming months, you’ll find more of the moving companies that qualify begin using the ProMover logo on their collateral material, Web sites and business cards. It’s an important distinction of quality that helps to set us apart from the criminal movers who give our industry a bad name.

ALL agents for Wheaton World Wide Moving are certified ProMovers. You can find a listing of Wheaton agents in your area by visiting our Web site and using our zip code tool. You can even get request an in-home estimate with a few mouse clicks. Soon, you will also find a listing of all ProMovers on the AMSA’s Web site. Check back here and I’ll let you know when all of Wheaton’s agents are listed on the site. Even if it’s not clear, you can always contact AMSA to verify.

At Wheaton World Wide Moving we take great pride in ensuring our customers have a positive relocation experience. After all, it’s not just an address change – relocation is a life change. Don’t risk a bad experience by hiring a rogue company that overpromises and then rips you off.

If you don’t choose Wheaton as your relocation provider, by all means, get help from another major van line.