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The Benefits of Moving During the Fall Season

October 23, 2012 | Moving Guides & Tips

You can choose to relocate at any time during the year. But for most people, the summer time is the most popular time for relocating homes. But is it the best time? What about the benefits of opting for a different season, say, fall? Read on…

  • Fall means the busy season is over. Customers now have more flexibility in choosing dates for their move due to a decrease in relocations.
  • The cost to move during the fall is usually cheaper, since the demand for moving services begins to decline in the fall season.
  • Tip: Try to plan your move on a weekday rather than a weekend. Busy season or not, the availability of moving companies increases during the weekdays, and it is often cheaper than moving on a weekend.
  • The summer months bring hot weather, and the winter months bring snowfall. The fall, however, is a great time to relocate due to the pleasant climate and moderate temperatures.
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