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Senior Move Managers & Moving Companies

July 5, 2013 | Wheaton News & Events

The relationship between Senior Move Managers and a full service moving company is a symbiotic one.   Both parties are dependent on one another and receive mutual benefits by working with each other.  The first step in grasping the relationship between a Senior Move Manager and a van line like Wheaton is to have a good understanding of who a Senior Move Manager is and what exactly they do.

Senior Move Managers

The aging process can be a scary and intimidating one.  Oftentimes aging can include a move to a different and unfamiliar home.  This relocation can consist of organizing, sorting and downsizing a home, moving – sometimes only a few miles and sometimes completely cross-country – and then unpacking and safely setting up a new home.  It’s a lot of work, and when an emotional aspect is added in, it can be just plain daunting.

This is where a Senior Move Manager steps in.  These managers are located in every state as well as parts of Canada, so no matter where you or your loved one lives or is planning to live, help is at your fingertips.  The National Association of Senior Move Managers, or NASMM, provides a list of these managers according to state.

What do they do?

Think about all the logistics that go along with moving: finding a new home, packing, organizing, arranging transportation, choosing a professional moving company, getting moving vans, unpacking… the list goes on and on.

The Senior Move Manager steps in during this stressful time and develops a plan to tackle all of these tasks.  Some seniors might be moving long distances, others just around the block and for others, their plan is to “age in place” meaning they aren’t planning on leaving their home at all.  A Senior Move Manager knows exactly how to manage this entire spectrum.  Not only are the Managers experts in their field, but they are also compassionate and kind, understanding that this is often a rough and emotional transition for everyone involved.

Senior Move Managers + Wheaton

There’s no doubt that hiring a Senior Move Manager could be an extremely useful and helpful investment, but what does it have to do with an interstate moving company like Wheaton? Wheaton World Wide Moving is a proud industry premier partner of the National Association of Senior Move Managers meaning that we work heavily in the local market with Senior Move Managers who are associated with NASMM (most are).  We also regularly attend NASMM’s tradeshows to continue building relationships with the managers as well as to constantly learn new things about the industry.

Senior Move Managers hire Wheaton or other full service interstate movers when a move goes over state lines.  This is called an interstate move –and this is Wheaton’s specialty.   The Senior Move Managers and Wheaton collaborate during this process to make sure that the senior who is moving doesn’t have to worry about anything other than enjoying his new home.   Both Wheaton and Senior Move Managers are experts in their appointed fields and hiring this team means you’re hiring the best. Doing between 100 to 200 senior moves every year, Wheaton is available, well-trained, and excited to help.

Find out more

For more information on Wheaton World Wide Moving and Senior Moves, visit our Web site or call 1-800-248-7962.

National Association of Senior Move Managers Premier Industry Partner

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