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All About Wheaton World Wide Moving Trucks

September 18, 2014 | Wheaton News & Events

Since this is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week we will take a closer look at Wheaton World Wide Moving trucks and the equipment that our truck drivers use on a daily basis when moving household goods.

Straight Truck

  • Used to haul shipments typically less than 500 miles.
  •  Holds about 14,000 lbs.
  • Also used as a shuttle truck to provide service when a residence is not accessible to a tractor trailer.
  •  Larger straight truck drivers require a Class B license.


    Wheaton World Wide straight truck

  • Contains about 2,000 cubic feet of space.
  •  Some models have side doors for easier access to loads.
  •  Typically 26’ long.
  • May include an attic (also known as the peak, nose, bonnet).
  • The door must have a decal with the carrier’s name, location and US Dot number.



  • A tractor-trailer combination is typically used for long distance and interstate moves.


    Wheaton World Wide tractor

  • Also referred to as the power unit.
  • The term bob-tail is commonly refers to a tractor without a trailer.
  • The tractor is sometimes called a semi since it is not complete until joined with a trailer.
  • The door must have a decal with the carrier’s name, location and US Dot number.
  •  A semi engine is 6x larger than a car engine and has an average of 400-600 horsepower.
  • The semi engine is designed to go 1,000,000 miles before re haul or rebuild.
  • Tractors can hold up to 15 gallons of oil (a car typically takes 4-6 quarts).


  • Typically 53’ long.
  • Sometimes has a side door for easy access to loads.
  • Belly Box is a compartment under the floor to store equipment used for loading/unloading.
  • Holds about 29,500 lbs.


    Wheaton World Wide trailer

  • Contains about 4,200 cubic feet of space.
  • There are numbers on the roof, so the driver and packers can see how much cubic feet they have used and what they have left over for space.
  • The trailer has heavier panels to help avoid damage from tree limbs and shrubbery in residential areas.
  •  An 18-wheeler (combo of tractor and trailer) has five axels.


Moving equipment and supplies that are normally found on a trailer/straight truck



View inside a Wheaton World Wide trailer with the equipment that is used for an interstate move.




Hand Truck

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