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Why Do People Make a Move?

September 23, 2014 | Moving Guides & Tips

Are you restless where you live? Maybe you are a college student who wants to have more opportunities to socialize. Or maybe you have always lived in the same state and want new scenery. Perhaps, you just want more space for your family and for yourself. If this is so, you’ve probably been spending time wondering about making a move and asking yourself why people do it.

Of course, this is a very tough decision. One way to help the decision-making process is to examine other people’s motivations to move. The US Census Bureau did a survey to find the main reasons why people moved. Compare these reasons to see if moving is right for you.


Many times a senior moves from his or her home for retirement. Often, their children and grandchildren live far away, so they move to get closer. They don’t need a large house for all their children anymore, and oftentimes seniors have the home paid in full anyway. They can enjoy life anywhere they’d like, usually in a warmer place.

Looking for a Job

One response to unemployment is to move to where the jobs are. You take a lot of risks with this approach, but the potential reward is substantial. Many industries concentrate in certain cities or states. A well-planned relocation to these areas allows unemployed people a better chance to find work.

Nice neighborhoodTo Get to a Better Neighborhood

Many people see their neighborhood as a limitation. They may feel unsafe because of a higher crime rate. Or perhaps they want a more close-knit community. Maybe they want to be farther away from populated areas. If you are not satisfied with what your neighborhood offers you, moving is definitely an option.

A Change in Marital Status

Marriage and divorce are both large drivers of the housing market. Newlywed couples will move to a new home to start a new chapter in their lives. Divorces obviously drive the couple apart and out of the home. Sometimes both people will move to get away from bad memories, even if one of them has ownership of the home.

For an Easier CommuteCars in rush hour traffic

When you switch from a long to a short commute, you realize how much more you get done at home. The added stress commutes give to our lives justifies looking for a more accommodating home. A closer commute saves you energy and gas money and lets you enjoy more of your life at home.

To Own a Home, Not Rent a Home

In America, we have pride in owning our own homes. Our homes are symbols of stability and economic achievement. A home also represents a solid investment for the future, so moving from a rental to your own home is an important financial step.

To Find a Cheaper Home

Due to the mortgage bubble burst in 2008, more people consider cheaper homes as the smarter choice. While homeowners may give up a few amenities, cheaper homes make a more manageable investment. Large house payments burden budgets and can become liabilities. Downsizing is a smart financial move for some, especially if you can find a house that fits your lifestyle better.

CoworkersTo Get a New Job

Americans pursue the opportunity of a new job wherever they can find it, even if that means moving across the country. Many companies have national or global markets, so a new promotion means a new house as well. The job market is no longer a local affair; online job searches allow you to find jobs locally or several states away. These days any job change carries the potential of moving.

To Establish a Family

Many couples start off in apartments or as renters. However, they want more room for children, especially if they want more than one or two. The first-time homeowner market is full of young couples looking to move into larger homes.

To Get a Better House

People are rarely satisfied by their first homes. Some may want more space in their backyard, others want more rooms for a larger family, and many want more rooms for fun or quiet study. In the end, people want a home that fits their interests and their desires. They will look until they have found the best home they can afford.

Making Your Decision

There are a variety of reasons to move to a new place. How do the decisions of others factor into your own? Well, when we examine their reasons, a common theme emerges: almost all of these reasons show people searching for the missing thing in their lives. Moving represents their attempt to find that next thing. That special thing.

If your move brings value to your life, it must give you something you didn’t have before. If you keep having the thought to move, it’s probably because you are looking for something more. Find out what that thing is for you, and you will know where you need to move. When you are ready, Wheaton World Wide Moving will be ready to move you.

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