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4 Questions to Ask When Deciding Your Moving Date

April 7, 2015 | Moving Guides & Tips

Contemplating a move involves countless worries, if you let it. The best way to lessen stress during a move is to start planning well in advance. Some people get lucky and have several months or even a year with the knowledge that they’ll be moving. Use this time to your advantage.

Many factors impact whether your move ends up going smoothly. If you’re lucky enough to choose your own moving date, there are definitely some things to consider. Whether you’re looking to keep a tight budget or just want to be sensitive about your children’s needs, think about these things ahead of time. Read on to find out the four main questions you should ask yourself regarding your move date.

1. How much money should I save?

This is quite an important issue for countless families. A move can be expensive, especially when you take into account home closing costs, relocation expenses, etc. Even emotional costs matter. So how can you achieve a successful move without breaking the bank? One of the main ways to complete an affordable move is to notice trends in the housing and moving market.

As a simple matter of supply and demand, most moving companies are extra busy during the warmer months. If you are moving in the Northern Hemisphere, realize that May through September are peak moving times.couple unpack sm

The busier movers are, the higher prices are and the harder it is to book a slot. You can avoid a lot of headache by scheduling your move during off-peak season, which can range between October and March. Although, if your priority is to move when no one else is, you’ll be safe between November and January.

2. What does my schedule require?

Next, consider the actual date of your move. We’ve discussed seasons and peak times, but not the time of the month or week. When it comes to moving, you’re best looking for a weekday in the second or third week of the month.

Both residents and businesses want to avoid losing work hours, so they schedule moves for Fridays and Saturdays. As a result, weekend moves will be harder to schedule. Leave you and your moving company plenty of time by going with a Tuesday or Wednesday, if possible.

To avoid paying another month’s rent or mortgage, people always are scrambling to move at the end of the month. You’ll get the best scheduling and lowered expenses by choosing the early weeks of a month. Consider these issues with your schedule to make the best choice.

3. What’s the weather going to be like on moving day?

Consider your current climate and seasonal weather conditions, along with that of your destination. If you’re moving internationally, this is especially important to consider. No one likes moving or traveling through a horrific snowstorm, so protect yourself by checking the weather.

If you’re moving to Florida, consider hurricane season. This might affect your moving date differently than if you were relocating to Arizona or even New England. Be aware of weather and travel conditions for a safe and well-planned move.

kids game sm4. How does my moving date affect my children?

Those with children know that moving can be dramatic, and sometimes upsetting. If you want to be sensitive to your kids’ needs, think about how the move affects their life. They’re in school, so would it be better to move during a break, or right smack in the middle of a year? Whatever you decide, consider your family’s needs? Try to avoid moving before an important event in your child’s life, and keep in touch with their friends if possible.

You should also avoid moving around big holidays, since your child might lose their excitement with the move. Issues like these that can make or break your move, so try to consider each one before settling on a move date. Base your move date off of your prioritized concerns, so you can have the best possible experience.

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