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5 Advantages of Working with a Home Concierge During a Move

March 23, 2016 | Moving Guides & Tips

As you approach your upcoming move, you have plenty of tasks to complete. Between arranging to purchase or rent your next home and sorting through your belongings, it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks.

When you have too much to do, you could make your move more stressful, less organized, and less efficient. For some homeowners and families, the solution to this overwhelming dilemma comes in the form of a home concierge.

A professional home concierge works with you to ensure you have the time (and energy) to focus on the most important aspects of your move without distractions. Whether you’ve never heard of a home concierge or you’ve put hiring one at the top of your to-do list, read on to learn more about how a concierge can benefit you.

1. A Concierge Has Access to Industry Resources
During a move, you work with a slew of professionals, from your real estate agent to the interior decorator responsible for your new home. Because home concierges plan and handle every aspect of a move, they have access to vetted professional resources.

These resources may include:
•    Packing supplies distributors
•    Real estate professionals
•    Storage facility managers
•    Trustworthy, specialized movers

Your concierge may contact these professionals on your behalf or provide you with comparisons of multiple industry resources.

2. A Concierge Saves You Time
Because a concierge takes care of research for you, you save hours you’d spend reading reviews and interviewing potential professionals.

A concierge can handle many of the logistical aspects of a move for you, including:

  • Checklists
  • Expected expense lists
  • Itemized lists of your belongings
  • Packing lists
  • Utility-related tasks

Your concierge can also help you create a timeline for your move and schedule important events.

3. A Concierge Helps You in Your Home
Because moves involve so many steps, it’s easy to miss things. Part of a home concierge’s job is to perform basic household tasks before, during, and after your move-in date. These tasks may include:

  • Child care
  • Houseplants and garden care
  • Laundry, dry cleaning, and clothes preparation
  • Mailing and shipping
  • Pet care

Not sure how you can handle a specific task? Talk to your concierge. While he or she may not have the resources to take care of it for you, your concierge will help you reorganize your schedule to create more open time. When you work together, nothing falls by the wayside even during this busy time.

4. A Concierge Offers You Better Organization
As mentioned above, a concierge creates timelines, checklists, and schedules to help you become more organized during the moving process. In addition to these services, a concierge offers practical suggestions.

Your concierge could advise you about the safest ways to pack keepsakes or the most environmentally sustainable ways to transport your belongings.

5. A Concierge Gives You Peace of Mind
A move comes with a lot of uncertainty. Hiring professional movers, working with a reputable real estate agent, and planning ahead eliminates some inherent stressors. But these typical measures may not grant you full peace of mind.

Working with a home concierge can. With the help of a concierge, you move out of your old home efficiently and safely, and you arrive at a new home with your cable, internet, and utilities already connected. When you have peace of mind, you feel ready to take care of yourself, your family members, and your pets without fear of forgetting an important moving step.

To make your move simpler and less stressful, partner with an experienced concierge. Many home concierges even offer services after your move officially ends, including nannying and pet watching services, meal planning, and event or wardrobe consultation.

Professional home concierge’s also specialize in different types of moves. For example, the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) helps older adults as well as their families through the process of downsizing, as well as moving into a new home. Wheaton World Wide Moving is one of NASMM’s preferred van lines, and we provide special discounts to seniors, as well as years of experience in handling their specialized needs. Learn more about moving concierge’s or NASMM by contacting your local agent.

Whether you decide to work with a concierge for the duration of your move or throughout the process and your daily life, choose a professional partner to take advantage of the benefits listed above.

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