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4 Reasons to Move to a Warmer State

March 30, 2016 | Moving Guides & Tips

For many people, winter weather brings a lot of exciting opportunities. Fresh powder gives skiers and snowboarders a chance to shine. The chill breezes give couples an excuse to snuggle just a little closer. And of course, the holidays wouldn’t be the same without a white Christmas.

But not everyone enjoys the cold climate. Frostbite, slippery floors, and poor road conditions make living in a colder state a hazard. And if you have any health issues, the low temperatures could worsen the symptoms.

If you’re thinking about moving to a warmer state, you’ll be happy to discover that the transition comes with multiple benefits.

1. Increased Vitamin D Production

According to health experts, vitamin D plays a significant role in your health. It inhibits cancer cell growth, stimulates insulin production, and regulates your immune system. This essential nutrient also aids in calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth, and it supports lung function by increasing respiratory muscle strength.

Although you can find trace amounts of vitamin D in the foods you eat, your primary source for vitamin D comes from sunlight. The sun’s energy converts the cholesterol in your skin (7-dehydrocholesterol) into vitamin D3. From there, your body carries vitamin D3 to your liver and to your kidneys where it coverts vitamin D3 into vitamin D.

When you move to a warmer climate, you’ll have a much easier time absorbing sunlight and producing adequate amounts of vitamin D.

2. More Opportunities for Outdoor Exercise

Although cold weather climates have their unique sports, many of these outdoor activities require specialized clothing and gear to fully enjoy (otherwise you may freeze). And during particularly bad weather, you may prefer to stay indoors in front of the TV rather than brave the ice and snow.

But in warmer weather, you have plenty of opportunities to exercise outdoors without the need for accessories. Depending on your mood, you could walk, sunbathe, fish, picnic, or swim. And with a little creativity, you can find even more ways to exercise.

In fact, studies show that physical activity tends to decline during colder seasons. But in areas that enjoy good weather year round, residents view outdoor exercise as the norm.

3. Save Money on Winter Gear

During the cold season, you need to bundle up in multiple layers to stave off winter’s chill. Snow boots, thick wool socks, long underwear, furlined jackets and coats, gloves, and hats all work together to ensure your extremities don’t freeze.

In addition to suitable cold-weather clothing, you may also need to invest in other winter gear to stay warm and safe. Snow shovels and ploughs, sidewalk salt, snow tires and chains, and space heaters can cost you a small fortune every year.

But if you were to pack up and leave to a warmer state, you could invest that money in more exciting essentials, such as swimwear and sunglasses.

4. Exciting Job Opportunities

With hard work, education, and experience, you can usually find a well-paying job anywhere, no matter the weather.

However, states that have warmer temperatures year round often house major tourist attractions and become recreational destinations. To accommodate tourists and vacationers alike, many warm-weather areas feature resorts and hotels, theme parks, clubs, restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and clubs.

If you want a change of pace, or you want to start your own business, you may find more financial success when you switch to a warmer climate.

So Which States Have the Best Weather?

As you can see, warm weather states have a lot to offer you and your family. To enjoy the above benefits (and more), consider moving to states such as California, Texas, Florida, or Louisiana. These states see comfortable temperatures, dry weather, and clear skies throughout most of the year.

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