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4 Painful Pitfalls of a DIY Move

October 30, 2017 | Employee Relocation, Moving Guides & Tips

Do your belongings consist of a duffel bag full of clothes and a laptop? Congratulations. Moving day will be a breeze. Simply do a bit of packing, vacuuming, and dusting, and you’re on your way with a DIY move.

If you own furniture, instruments, appliances, or a bed, you don’t get to have an instant move—which leads us to one of the pitfalls of a DIY move. There are three more pitfalls to avoid below. Anyone contemplating a DIY move should become familiar with the downsides.

The Fallacy of the Instant Move

In society’s instantly gratified state, it’s easy to believe in the flash move. It’s easy to imagine that moving companies are like ride-sharing companies, only with big trucks and more people. You only have to call or text, and they appear with a full crew and a clean moving van.

Real-life moving days never work like that. If they do, you got extremely lucky or you stumbled into another pitfall with your instant moving crew.

To have the best moving experience, you should decide on a moving company four weeks in advance of your relocation. But take the time to research reputable moving companies as far in advance of your move as possible. A tried and true company will help you make reservations for the dates you need. A reputable company has the resources and people to help you execute your move with less stress—if you plan ahead.

The Gamble on the Wrong Vehicle

Some do-it-yourselfers mistakenly think they’re hiring moving crews when they reserve rental vans and trucks. These people soon realize on moving day that they are alone in their quests to empty their current homes.

Without expert assistance, other DIY-style people often rent the wrong size truck. They may try to save money by renting a too-small truck to fit all of their home furnishings. They soon realize they must now leave cherished items behind.

Some people rent a too-large truck that ends up being difficult to drive and park. The too-large truck also costs more in fuel and toll charges than was necessary.

A qualified moving company won’t let you make these mistakes. They help you correctly estimate the proper vehicle for your move.

The Myth of the Expert Navigator

No matter how good you are at driving the family safely and efficiently to the airport, the lake house, or the theme park, you’re no match for the constant changes happening on the interstate during a cross-country move. Even if you’ve made the journey back and forth in a car or SUV, it’s not the same experience as driving and navigating with a large truck and trailer.

Some rental trucks and trailers are very noisy. Some are not well-maintained. Many rental moving vans do not have air conditioning or radios.

There are bridges you may not be able to cross in a heavy truck, train trestles you can’t drive under, and city ordinances that prohibit trucks over six wheels from parking. So even if you do find yourself heading down some open backroads to dodge a clogged interstate, your big rental moving van may have to be turned right back around the way you came.

Experienced cross-country movers know the way by heart. They talk on radios with truckers ahead and chat when they refuel to keep current on highway conditions, construction, and accidents. They know the safe backroads that won’t get a moving van stuck or the driver cited with a moving violation.

You’re free to fly to your new home or travel in a comfortable car without the stress and exhaustion of navigating and driving in a large truck.

The Legend of the Loyal Friend

They say that good friends help you move. If you have a pile of friends who are fit as fiddles and ready to tackle moving all of your furniture, you’re lucky indeed. Take advantage of the free labor, but order them pizza or make them brownies as a thank you.

Most people struggle to find friends who are strong enough to hoist furniture and also available to help on their moving day. The truth is, most people will do anything to get out of helping someone else move. It’s hard work. It involves skills and tools that some people don’t have, including navigating with sofas and large beds down stairs and around corners.

If a friend is seriously hurt on your property while helping you move, how good is your friendship? Because your friend may have to sue you or your insurance company to recover their losses from medical bills and lost wages. Is your coverage still in force?

When you hire a reputable company, the moving crews are licensed, insured, and bonded. You don’t need to burden your friends, and you get professional, experienced movers who know how to get the sofa through the door and up the stairs.

Contact Wheaton World Wide Moving for a worry-free relocation, whether you’re moving across the country or the world. We’re happy to answer your questions about creating a pitfall- and hassle-free moving experience for you and your household or company.

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