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How Can I Make Moving Fun For My Kids?

September 16, 2019 | Household Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

It’s not often that “moving” and “fun” are in the same sentence. Making a move fun simply isn’t really a priority for most people. And why would it be? You have about ten million other things to worry about. Moving with kids is a different story, however. If your kids aren’t having fun during a move, they’ll make the other things you’re worrying about… difficult to spend time on. 

Kids that feel involved in a move are more likely to behave during a move. Kids that are enjoying themselves and having fun are more likely to adjust well to the new environment. Moving is hard enough without your children being miserable, too. Here are our best tips on how you can make moving fun for your kids:

Bring them house hunting with you.

We know you’re the final arbiter when it comes to your choice of new home. That said, there’s no harm in letting your kids be involved in the process. They’ll feel more invested. They’ll get excited at the opportunity to look at new potential rooms. They’ll be happy for the opportunity to go with you to do “adult things.” 

Ask your kids about what they’d like in a new home and seek out those features. You might not be able to get them a swimming pool and a dragon in the basement, but you can find them a room with big windows! If you give your kids something to look forward to, you could make them excited for their move instead of apprehensive.

Let them pack their own special box.

This is a box they’ll get to keep with them throughout the entire move. It’ll be with them in the car while you drive to your new place. It’ll be the first thing they unpack once you’re there. Have them put their most important things in this box. Favorite books, toys, stuffed animals, blankets. You can make it extra fun by letting each child decorate their box however they want.

Take time to visit your new home as a “tourist.”

By taking the time to visit as a “tourist,” you give your kids a chance to be excited about their new home. You’re helping them find things to look forward to and places to be excited about visiting. This becomes more challenging if you’re moving a long distance, but just as valuable. It’s good for everyone to be reminded of the benefits of a move while entrenched in the stressful parts.

Give them a “job.”

It doesn’t have to be anything too crucial. You just want to help your kids feel like they’re a part of your move instead of a victim of it. You could ask one of your kids to be responsible for placing colored tape labels on boxes as you pack them. Another one could be in charge of writing down all the groceries in the pantry so you can make a meal plan for eating them before the move. Younger kids and toddlers can be asked to pack their own stuffed animals or socks.

Add something special to move-in day.

Move-in day is hectic for everyone involved. Your kids can, and in many cases will, feel neglected during this time. Remember this while you’re juggling movers, boxes, moving, and everything else. Take a minute to pause and think how you can make this change-filled time special. 

You could do something as simple as ordering their favorite pizza for dinner at the new house. You could put sleeping bags on the living room floor in the new house and spend the first night there in a family sleepover. You could even leave all the boxes behind and take a trip to the movies to celebrate the successful move. It doesn’t have to be much. Just a “little something” to help everyone remember the joy of being together in a new place.

Kids have a harder time with change than adults. That’s why prioritizing the addition of a little fun to your next move can help make all the difference. It’s easier to make time for fun when you have a little help planning your move itself.

That’s where Wheaton comes in. Call us today to learn how we can help you plan a successful, low stress move for your entire family.

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