Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Move

Spring cleaning is a lot of work. If you’re moving, it’s double the work. Not only do you have your current home to vacate, but you also have your new home to get ready before you move in. Feeling a bit overwhelmed? We’ve prepared a spring-cleaning checklist just for you.

Before you throw in the dust towel, check out our blueprint for a deep clean. We’ve compiled a list of the tools and supplies you’ll need to tackle any mess, and we’ve highlighted all the major spots to hit. Spring is always a good time for a fresh start, and moving day is a good excuse to simplify your life. Feeling lighter already? Let’s dig in!

Tools to do the Job Right

Every job starts with the right tools. Before you dig in, here’s a list of what you’ll need for a successful spring spritzing:

The Room-by-Room Checklist

These are the basics you’ll want to cover no matter what room you’re cleaning. After this, we’ll get more specific.

How to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the epicenter of your home and often require a lot of deep clean TLC. Your spring move is as good a time as any to address dreaded tasks like cleaning the oven and defrosting the freezer as well as cleaning overlooked items like small appliances and backsplashes.

If you’re close to your move date and have a box or two of nonperishable food items you don’t want to mess with moving, let your Wheaton move manager know, and we’ll take it to the nearest food pantry through our partnership with Move For Hunger.

Pack your pantry and as much of your kitchen as possible before you make your final kitchen cleaning coup de gras. The job will be easier with clutter out of the way.

How to Spring Clean Your Bathroom

After the kitchen, your bathrooms probably require the most attention. Now’s a good time to throw away those old toiletries and cosmetics you don’t need. Once everything is packed up, you can get to work on the deep clean.

How to Spring Clean Your Bedrooms

A big move or a spring cleaning is the ideal time to donate those clothes you no longer wear and that bedding you never use. Your new home is a chance to start fresh with fully organized closets. Other bedroom tasks include:

Flip your mattress. It’s a good idea to do this every three months to prevent prolonged wear in the same areas. If you haven’t done it lately, now is the time.

Wash your pillows. You might change the pillowcases, but when’s the last time you washed your pillow? There are many ways to wash your pillow depending on the type you have.

Disinfect kids’ toys. Toys can be huge germ magnets. Here’s a good opportunity to clean the toys making the move and donate the ones that are no longer wanted.

Other Spring-Cleaning Considerations Before and After You Move

As you move through your whirlwind of packing and cleaning, here are a few other tips and suggestions to keep in mind:

Make Your Move a Clean One with Wheaton World Wide

We hope this cleaning checklist helps you organize your move this spring or any time of year. Contact us for help with any step of your move. From packing to hauling, we want to make your fresh start at your new destination as clean as possible.