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5 Tips For Home Staging

November 23, 2022 | Moving Guides & Tips

Staging a home is something that many prospective sellers will do to enhance their chances of selling at their asking price. As you may know, Wheaton Worldwide and many of our agents offer decluttering services, in many cases, to prepare for home staging. If you’re selling your house or condo, you may be wondering how to best stage it for potential buyers. Recently, RISMedia’s Housecall blog posted an article by Nicholas Brown to address this very concern. The article, “Home Staging: Pro Tips for Appealing to the Senses” examines how appealing to the five senses will help create an experience that is sure to bring out the true value of your home.

1. Sight

The sense that most people will associate with home staging is sight. The placement of furniture and decorations is vital to successfully staging a home. One of the most important aspects of staging is light. You’ll want to ensure that your home is litin a way that is bright and vibrant. Dark homes can feel dreary and make it harder for people to see the home’s defining characteristics. Good lighting creates a warm, comfortable atmosphere.


Most people are aware of the power that a pleasant smell can have. Smells are strongly linked to memory and the right smells can create an environment that is inviting and comforting. However, people can react very differently to strong smells, so it’s recommended that you use natural, neutral aromas to stage the home. Try using scents like lavender or pine to create a soft, homey feeling.

3. Taste

Many people have been to at least one open house where snacks, such as fresh baked cookies, were served.  People like to eat, and serving food adds a comfortable, welcoming feeling to a walk-through. Avoid any food that tastes or smells too strong, like strong cheeses or meats. Fresh fruits and mild cheeses are generally safe bets. Overall, try to match your choice of hors d’oeuvres to the home you are selling.

4. Sound

One way to set a pleasant ambiance is with a good musical selection. Music can easily affect the mood and comfort level of listeners. The right song will help set an atmosphere that can generate good leads. Classical music and songs primarily in majorkeys are recommended, as they invoke energetic feelings.

5. Touch

As prospective buyers walk through your home, they will likely sit down on furniture and be drawn to touching curtains or soft linens. This is something real estate agents plan for when staging a home, since touch is a key exploratory sense. Be sure to keep in mind one key element of touch: temperature. A temperature that is too extreme can make people uncomfortable and distract them from the experience you’ve created.

Human beings use their senses for all interactions with the world around us. Knowing this, it makes sense to want to stage your home to appeal to the senses as much as possible. If you to read the full article for how to stage your home with the five senses in mind, it’s available right here.

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