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Movies About Moving!

November 23, 2022 | Household Moves

Get your family excited about your upcoming move with these excellent movies about moving!

Any kind of major life event makes for a good, dramatic narrative—and moving definitely falls under the that category. Although buying a house might not seem interesting enough to base an entire movie around, these films about moving show that when it comes to relocating to a new home, there’s no shortage of situations that can arise.

1. Toy Story: In this classic kids’ tale about a group of toys that come to life whenever their owners aren’t around, moving creates the main story conflict. The film feeds childhood fears about being left behind, and the toys band together to ensure that everyone makes it to the new house in one piece.

2. Footloose: Regardless of whether you prefer the 1984 version or the most recent 2011 remake, the main story of Footloose remains the same: a high school student is forced to move to a small town and encounters opposition in the form of antiquated mindsets and rules against dancing.

 Jumanji: Another kids movie, this one doesn’t play into fears about the act of moving so much as it does the fear of acclimating a new place. The old mansion the two children and their aunt move to is a lovely place…until they uncover a board game left behind that throws reality out of whack.

4. The Money Pit: One of my personal favorites, featuring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, The Money Pit tells the tale of what happens when the home you buy isn’t everything you bargained for. As the name suggests, their dream home quickly becomes a nightmare when they end up putting more and more money into renovations.

Comedy, family, drama, or horror—movies about moving transcend all genres. If you’re worried about your move, it’s probably best to stick to one with a happy ending, especially if you’re trying to soothe childhood fears while you watch! Whatever your favorite genre, take a break for all that packing and worrying about your own move, to enjoy a movie about someone else’s move.

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