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Ready to Move Out of Your Parents’ House? Here’s How.

November 29, 2022 | Moving Guides & Tips

Whether it’s your childhood home or house number five for your family, moving out of your parents’ house is never easy. Adulting comes with a lot of responsibility, and moving out can be especially challenging if you plan to live by yourself. This step forward will be different from your freshman dorm room at college, where the resident assistant offered oversight and conflict resolution between neighbors; this is the first time you will be in charge of your own home, from the mortgage and yard work to the malfunctioning appliances and leaky roof.

Wheaton is here to make the transition smooth and worry-free. Ready to learn more? These tips will help you feel confident and prepared for the move.

Tips for Moving out of Your Parents’ House

Before you consider a move, look at your financial situation. Are you in a position to afford a down payment? Even if you’re moving to an apartment, you will most likely need to put some money down before you arrive. Make sure you have enough in your budget to support yourself as soon as you move out. This is something you should plan to start thinking about at least eight weeks before your move.

Making a cross-country move? Research more about the city and state you are moving to. Aside from the move itself you want to be as prepared as possible to really make your new city feel like home. A recent article from Apartment Therapy shows the top cities for Gen Z based on job prospects are Washington, D.C.; San Francisco, Calif.; and Boston, Mass. As far as affordability goes, Cincinnati, Ohio and Sioux Falls, S.D. take the lead.

Sit down and talk with your parents about the timeline of your move. Develop a plan that is not intrusive to your parents and one that fits all your schedules. Communicate with your employer about any time off you may need for the move.

Make sure to change your address. Change your address at the official USPS website. Make sure your shipping address is changed on websites like Amazon and any other online places you frequently shop at.

Donate or sell items that are too big to move or that have outlived your needs. Money saved on the moving cost can be put towards your new home. It may be time to retire those outdated decorations that fill the walls of your bedroom or give away some clothes that haven’t fit in years. Try making a list of things to come with you and a list of what could get thrown away or donated.

Think about what you will need in your new home. Make a list of items you will need to buy once you move into your new place. Cleaning supplies, drapes and blinds, furniture, décor and outdoor items are just a few things to plan ahead for. Mom and dad might be ready for some updated furniture or décor for their current house, so talk to your family about what you could take off their hands.

Here’s a helpful tool to learn more about buying your first house. It can be a lengthy process with realtors and inspectors, so make sure you allow enough time for that along with the move in your master plan.

If it’s your dream to move across the country and start a new adventure, let us take it from there. Contact a local agent to get started and see why Wheaton is the way to move.

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