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Tips on Moving From a House to an Apartment

November 29, 2022 | Household Moves, Moving Guides & Tips

There comes a time when that four-bedroom suburban house you once longed for no longer fits your life. Whether you are trying to get out of the suburbs and to the city, want to retire to a beach, or have some other reason for moving from a house to an apartment, there are many things to think about before you start the moving process.

As with any move you should start as early as you can. Downsizing can seem like a daunting process but fear not, because Wheaton Worldwide is here with some helpful tips.

Tips on Moving From a House to an Apartment

Take notes leading up to your move date. You may have never lived in an apartment so there is a lot to learn before making your move. Before you plan your move, start an Excel spreadsheet that will track how often you use various items around your house. No reason to bring something with you that will just collect dust.

Make piles of things to donate or sell. Garage sales are a great idea because you don’t have to worry about bringing your unwanted stuff anywhere but out to the driveway. The last thing you want is a storage unit down the road you have to visit when you want to use something.

Measure the new rooms in your apartment. You may not be able to bring your sectional couch to your new apartment. Take down measurements of your big items at home and of the rooms in the apartment to guarantee that your things will fit. Prioritize your multi-functional items.

Get rid of your outdoor tools and accessories. There will be no need for your lawn mower or snowblower at you new apartment. Sell it on Facebook marketplace or pass it off to a friend or relative in the area. You may need a few gardening tools if you have access to a patio, but for the most part you won’t need to bring your outdoor supplies with you.

Digitize as much as you can. There is no need to lug all your file cabinets to your new home. Turn old tax documents into digital files to store on a local hard drive or in the cloud by using a scanner or scanning app. You can do the same with physical photos and children’s artwork. There are even services out there who can turn your old VHS tapes into a thumb drive!

Sort through books and magazines. If you are a book collector or someone who kept all of their books from college, it might be time to sift through your bookshelves. Books can be donated to your local library or sold to a place like Half Price Books.

Pass off family heirlooms. All the things you hold near and dear to your heart might need a new home too. Your great-great-grandmother’s china cabinet might not fit in your new apartment. Consider giving it to a relative so a new generation or branch of the family can enjoy it.

Do some research on the amenities included in your new apartment complex. Choose a place that fits your lifestyle best. Check into things like internet access or the pet policy. Look into the parking situation as well. Is it a parking garage? Will you only be allowed one reserved parking space? Find out which appliances come standard in the apartment. It’s possible that you might need to buy new if you leave the old ones behind.

The place you call home should feel like a home. Keep in mind all the things you prioritize on a daily basis and make sure they can find a spot in your new apartment.

If an apartment is the right fit for you, let Wheaton lend a helping hand with your move. Contact a local agent today.

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