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Women’s History Month: Stacey Willis Makes Moves

November 29, 2022 | Wheaton News & Events

Jaymie Shook: Thank you for taking time to talk with us, Stacey! Will you tell us what your history with The Wheaton Group is?  

Stacey Willis: I came to Wheaton direct in 2013 and left in 2016 to pursue an opportunity to do executive pack and loads for an international relocation company. I returned to the Wheaton system with Boerman, a Bekins agent, in May 2019. 

JS: We’re glad you came back to us! How did you get started driving and when?  

SW: I got my CDL in 1997, as I was working for an asphalt contractor. I became involved with several individuals and started a logistics company contracted to Sears Delivery and then as a contractor for Beltmann North American in 2000. 

JS: What would you say is the best part of being a driver? 

SW: I love traveling and visiting all parts of this great country. Also, it’s kinda cool to be the boss! 

JS: Traveling does seem like a huge perk. Can you describe your favorite memory as a driver?  

SW: I have so many memories, it’s hard to have a favorite. The awesome customers I’ve had and the travels. 

JS: What’s something many people believe about household good drivers that isn’t actually true?  

SW: ‘Women can’t do it.’ I’ve exceeded the expectations of people throughout my long career, with hard work and a quality, worry-free move experience. 

JS: That’s really great – women are a wonderful asset to the moving industry. What is something you wish other people in The Wheaton Group network knew about you or about drivers in general?  

SW: It’s getting more challenging each year to be a Driver. The moves are the same; it’s everything else. 

JS: Thank you for sharing, Stacey. We appreciate all your hard work!

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