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Preferred Movers of TN, Inc. awarded 2023 Agent of the Year

March 11, 2024 | Wheaton News & Events

Preferred Movers of TN, Inc., was awarded Wheaton World Wide Moving Agent of the Year Thursday, February 29 at Wheaton’s fifth annual Van Line Summit & Awards Gala. The award is given to the top interstate agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving that exemplifies putting customers first and the characteristics of quality, professionalism, empathy for customers, fellow agents, drivers and van line employees.

About Preferred Movers of TN, Inc.

Owners Bob and Lori Krumpols lead the Crossville, Tenn., moving company, managing with a customer-first philosophy. The agency has been part of the Wheaton network since 2000, consistently providing an excellent customer experience.

“Preferred Movers of TN, Inc., really sets the standard when you are thinking about Wheaton agents,” said Mark Kirschner, CEO of Wheaton World Wide Moving. “Bob and Lori have created a team and an environment that is all-in when it comes to customer service, reliability, operations…you name it, they are top notch on every level. We couldn’t be more proud to award Preferred Movers of TN, Inc., their third agent of the year award and present them as our 2023 Agent of the Year.”

Awards Won by Preferred 

Preferred Movers of TN, Inc., earned the Agent of the Month distinction in June 2023. Other recent awards include the 2023 Spire Quality Award (which it has won every year since joining the Wheaton network in 2000), the 2023 Customer Loyalty Award, the 2023 Silver Hauling Award and the 2023 Bronze Sales Award. The agency also celebrated three Driver of the Month awards for its team in the last 16 months: driver Dan Thompson won the award in December 2022, driver Daniel Downey earned the award in March 2023, and owner and driver Bob Krumpols earned the award in July 2023. Finally, two team members earned membership in Wheaton’s Achievers Club for 2023: vice president Lori Krumpols and relocation consultant Chris Naegele. 

Previously, owner Bob Krumpols has won Wheaton’s Driver of the Year award in 1989, 1994, 1996 and 2014. The agency’s previous Agent of the Year awards were earned in 2003 and 2010.

“Providing quality service is just in our blood,” said Lori Krumpols, vice president of Preferred Movers of TN, Inc. 

Contact Preferred Movers of TN

The Preferred Movers of TN, Inc., team can be reached by phone at 931-707-9900 and in person at 61 Forbus Dr., Crossville, TN 38555. Watch the 2023 Wheaton Agent of the Year video on below.

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