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2023 Wheaton Drivers of the Year awarded

March 11, 2024 | Wheaton News & Events

Announced Thursday, February 29 at its fifth annual Van Line Summit & Awards Gala, Wheaton awarded top honors to three drivers in the network as Drivers of the Year. To be eligible for these awards, individuals must first earn a Driver of the Month award between January 2023 and December 2023 and consistently provide superior service to Wheaton customers. By their excellent records in claims, customer service and safety, these drivers are among the best in the van lines’ fleet.

“These outstanding drivers have not only excelled in their driving responsibilities but have also consistently gone above and beyond in representing our organization,” said Kevin Miller, Vice President of Operations at Wheaton. “Their commitment to delivering exceptional service, often at the expense of personal time and comforts, truly sets them apart.”

Harvey King, Wheaton Moving & Storage, Indianapolis, Ind.

Harvey King worked with several moving companies until finding a long-term home with Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, which Wheaton | Bekins acquired in 2019. King has spent 36 years in the moving industry, earning three Driver of the Month awards and a top rating from customers.

King and his partner Kendra Bates have been a team, working to offer customers an exceptional moving experience, for more than 15 years. The Wheaton Moving & Storage team was pleased to welcome the pair after the Stevens acquisition due to their commitment to dependability, professionalism and excellence.

King is an avid sports fan and follows football, basketball, NASCAR, tennis, and baseball passionately. But his team is the Pittsburg Steelers, who he has rooted for since he was a kid. When King is not on the road, he enjoys spending quality time with his 7 grandchildren and hosting cookouts for his friends and family.

Wheaton CEO Mark Kirschner and President AJ Schneider congratulate Driver of the Year Harvey King and partner Kendra Bates.
Harvey King and Kendra Bates receive the award.

Chuck Meldrum, Preferred Moving Systems, Harrison Township, Mich.

Chuck Meldrum’s accolades speak volumes about his exceptional contributions to the van line. With eight Driver of the Month awards and this second Driver of the Year honor, the driver’s dedication and professionalism consistently set him apart. His customers attest to his unparalleled service, reaffirming his reputation as a trustworthy and dependable professional.

Despite spending over 320 days a year on the road, Meldrum cherishes the moments spent with his family, often taking them fishing during his brief visits home. His ability to balance the demands of his profession with his commitment to his loved ones is truly admirable.

According to Henry Cadle, owner of Preferred Moving Systems, beyond Meldrum’s outstanding performance, what truly sets the driver apart from his peers are the genuine connections he forms with colleagues and clients through heartfelt conversations during his evening drives, forging bonds that transcend professional boundaries.

Pedro “Pete” Castillo, Turner Moving & Storage, Napa, Calif.

Pete Castillo’s career in the moving industry commenced in 1984 when he opened From Here to There Movers in Santa Maria, Calif., setting the stage for a lifelong dedication to the art of moving. Since then, Castillo has not only honed his skills but has also become a pillar of reliability and professionalism in the industry.

In addition to his family commitments, Castillo finds solace and joy in various hobbies and interests. An avid barbecue enthusiast, Castillo enjoys gathering friends and family for delicious meals. His passion for off-road 4-wheelin’ and his extensive collection of guns and Western art reflect his adventurous spirit and appreciation for the finer things in life.

As a valued member of the Turner Moving & Storage team in Napa, Calif., Castillo embodies the essence of excellence in his profession. Renowned as a top hauler, Castillo’s dedication, reliability, and consistently excellent customer experience survey scores are a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. Despite his formidable exterior, Castillo is one of the most loving, kind-hearted, and loyal individuals one could ever hope to meet.

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