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Professional Van Operator Jobs


You probably see a lot of van operating jobs out there… But the difference at Wheaton is that we’ll always treat you as a respected member of the team. Wheaton has been in the business since 1945; you can be confident that we’ll connect you with a professional agent network that spans the United States.

CDL Van Operating Jobs: Who Should Apply?

If you want to drive for a company that values transparency and honesty, apply for a professional van operator job at Wheaton. We’re looking for drivers and owner-operator truck drivers, who are passionate about the moving industry. Apply using the form below if:

  • You go beyond “just driving.” If you can effectively manage a crew, relocate families to their new homes, safely and efficiently pack delicate items, load trailers, interact with customers, protect homes and property from damage and more, we want you on our team!
  • You’re passionate about the moving industry. A career in household goods moving isn’t for everyone. It takes a specific set of skills and a deep understanding that this work is more satisfying and rewarding than simply driving; it’s about helping people.

Benefits of Driving for Wheaton

Wheaton offers one of the best compensation packages in the industry as well as line-haul advances with no service fees. You can also earn additional compensation for quality performance and a low claim rate. A few more benefits include:

  • Sign-on bonus 
  • 6 figure income potential regardless of formal education level 
  • Daily interpersonal interaction with customers, dispatchers, customer service and more
  • High degree of flexibility with your schedule and where you go
  • Off-season downtime
  • Fun, family atmosphere

Apply For a Van Operator Job With Wheaton Below: 

Drive For Us

*Household goods experience preferred

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wheaton Have CDL Van Operator Job Openings?

Yes! If you’re a CDL truck driver looking for an opportunity to grow in the industry, apply using the form above. We are always looking for passionate and hard working van operators.

What Perks Does Wheaton World Wide Offer For Professional Van Operators?

The earning income potential at Wheaton is among the highest in the trucking industry. Plus, we don’t skimp on the benefits, we foster a healthy work environment and we recognize our drivers’ hard work through compensation and Wheaton Driver of the Year awards.

Is the Work Schedule Flexible for Wheaton Household Goods Moving Professionals?

Yes! One of the greatest benefits of becoming a truck driver for Wheaton is the flexibility. You can be selective in the routes and times that best fit your lifestyle.

How Much Do Owner Operator Truck Drivers Make?

The amount you make as a truck driver at Wheaton depends on your drive to succeed and the strength of your skills. However, Wheaton offers some of the highest paying jobs in the moving industry. We offer strong pay incentives for consistent, quality performance and a low rate of claims.

Is There a Truck Driver Shortage at Wheaton World Wide?

The pandemic caused driver shortages all over the country. Many of our best drivers were at a senior level and decided to retire. In addition, many training programs for developing the new generation of quality drivers weren’t available during that time. Every business that utilizes truck drivers felt this change, and we were no exception. However, post-pandemic, Wheaton is working hard to rebuild our team of excellent van operators!