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Mover Services Inc. (MSI) is proud to offer business moving and relocation services for California-based organizations in and around Rancho Dominguez. MSI is one of the leading commercial furniture and relocation specialists in the Southern California region. From office move consulting and packing to transportation and delivery, MSI offers comprehensive moving services for businesses small and large.


While Mover Services is pleased to work with a move plan designed by you, the customer, we are often called upon to provide a variety of planning and advisory services. With the help of our expertise, you can dramatically reduce the cost of your commercial relocation. Our years of experience have helped us to differentiate between the “hard way” and the “easy way” and we’d love to share this knowledge with you.


Packing, transportation, and delivery are the heart of every office or business move. Mover Services employs some of the best-trained crews available in the industry. Move after move, this expertise translates into a lower overall cost and greater reliability for your commercial relocation.


Our business moving services involve furniture and move planning. Our installers are experts at the disassembly and installation of most systems of cubicles and structured furniture systems. We also can provide computer installation layouts to make the best of your office/warehouse space. Mover Services works closely with several major furniture manufacturers and distributors to coordinate delivery services for refurbished and new furniture purchased for your new location. Our company has been helping people move since 1996. From residential to industrial moves, we simplify moves so you can rest easy. Call us today to get started!


A key factor in the success of your commercial relocation is to plan out all technology-related issues that affect your business. From workstation relocation, technology storage, and staging resources, implementing a plan for your technology is an increasingly definitive factor in the success of your move. Whether you need help moving a large server room or specialized AV equipment, Mover Services in Rancho Dominguez has the staff and the contacts necessary to get the job done safely, efficiently, and successfully.


At Mover Services, we assign a “point person” to each project we take on in order to coordinate your move every step of the way. This allows our customers to have a 24-hour single point contact who is able to make key decisions associated with your move. This aids in our ability to handle the “unforeseen variables” associated with your relocation. We understand that corporate relocation can involve variables such as delayed construction and drawn-out escrows, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deal with these issues in stride.

MSI Office Furniture is a division of Mover Services Inc. Established in 1996, MSI has developed into one of the leading commercial furniture and relocation specialists in the Southern California Market. Our unique placement in the market allows MSI the ability to handpick and purchase high-end office furniture before the third party and liquidation companies do. We also employ our own delivery/installers to assist you in setting up your ideal workspace. This allows us to avoid additional third-party labor markups and the ability to provide a consistently high level of customer service.

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