Ready to Move Guide

There’s a lot to consider before your move. Here are a few key questions to ask.

Before You Move

  • Did you check in with the Better Business Bureau regarding your mover?
  • Did you ask if the mover has a dispute settlement program?
  • Do you have adequate protection coverage for your belongings?

Moving Day

  • Will you be present to give instructions and ask questions?
  • Did you remember to keep the Bill of Lading until your goods were delivered (and even after)?
  • Did you give the driver directions to your new home?

Delivery Day

  • Will you be present when your belongings are delivered?
  • Will you supervise the unloading and unpacking of your goods?

Moving Checklist

Be sure to download the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Ready to Move guide. It contains a handy moving checklist and more important moving information.

And don’t worry—if you still have questions or concerns, you can always contact us directly.

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