Moving Internationally? Partner With the Experts.


An international move is a big undertaking, but Wheaton is proud to partner with Crown Relocations to help our customers make these kinds of moves. From shipping your belongings internationally to relocating your pets, you can count on the professionals at Crown Relocations to ensure that everything is done safely and efficiently. And every step of the way, the team at Crown will be ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.


If you’re in need of storage during the process of making an international move, Crown Relocations can help with that, too. With more than 207 state-of-the-art warehouses in 58 countries, we can store your belongings in a way that’s convenient for you.

Relocation Assistance

In addition to the move itself, we also offer relocation services that include:

  • Immigration services
  • Intercultural training
  • Language training
  • Home sale services
  • Property management
  • Preview trip services
  • Home finding assistance
  • School search
  • Post-arrival orientations
  • Partner career support
  • Handyman and domestic help services
  • Furniture rental
  • On-assignment support

Corporate and Global Mobility Services

It’s not just a matter of getting from one place to another—when you’re moving an employee to a new country, you need someone that can handle complete program management. Wheaton and Crown will work together as a truly global provider of mobility management services.

Program Management

Some of our program management services include:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What international moving services does Wheaton offer?

Wheaton partners with Crown Relocations when handling international moves. Our international moving services include storage, relocation assistance, corporate global relocation, and more. We understand that an international move can be stressful. Get help from the experts to make your move hassle-free!

What should I expect from my overseas move?

Moving overseas can feel lonely. However, it will get better with time. Your body will also take time to adjust; you’ll be in a new part of the world and possibly a different time zone. You’re going to miss things you didn’t realize you’d miss. Bring a few of your favorite snacks to help yourself adjust. Learn more!

What should I prepare for my international move?

For your international move, you need to create a timeline, get in touch with an international moving company, figure out what your tax obligations will be, make sure you have insurance covered, and alert everyone of your relocation. Read more tips for an international move!