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Wheaton Employees Get Moving: Indy Mini-Marathon

2014 April 18
by Wheaton World Wide Moving

Wheaton Employees Get Moving

Let’s just say Wheaton employees ‘get moving’ on many levels.  When they are not focused on relocating household goods with intricate care, they are on the move training for half marathons such as the 2014 Indy Mini-Marathon that will take place on May 3, 2014.

Five employees from the corporate office out of Indianapolis, Ind. will be participating in the Mini-Marathon. Of course signing up and committing to some 13 miles does not happen overnight. It takes motivation, endurance, and for some, extensive training. So kick your feet up and enjoy the stories of these dedicated ‘Mini-Marathoners’.

Meet the Group 

From left to right.

Ron Borkowski, Damodara Yemme, Emmalee Strait, Jerrod Carter. (Not Pictured: Gary Reynolds)

Corp Employees_Indy Mini Runners_ 2014









Jerrod’s Story:

CIO, Jerrod Carter has worked at Wheaton for some six years working within the Information Technology Department.  With a history of running, this will be Jerrod’s seventh Indy Mini-Marathon and ninth half-marthon overall. In addition, he has run three full marathons.

“I just genuinely enjoy running marathons,” said Carter. “I ran three last year and hope to set a personal record this year.”

More confident than ever, Jerrod feels that this race is sure to be a success after maxing out on miles per week ran during his training.

“My advice to someone considering running a mini-marathon is to stick to a training plan,” said Carter.

Last year, Carter ran enough that he was able to join the ‘Half Fanatics’ group. So watch out for ‘Half Fanatic’ #5163 at the Mini-Marathon this year!


Meet Damodara:

Damodara Yemme has been working at Wheaton’s corporate office for eight years within the Information Technology department.  Yemme’s motivation behind running is to fulfill his New Year’s resolution. In addition, he feels that it is a great way to stay active, a social outlet and hobby.  Yemme has run two races prior to the Indy-Mini, including Sam Costa Quarter Marathon and Carmel Half Marathon.  He contributes a great deal of his preperation to both of these races.

“ Running is a great way to maintain my health and physical condition,” said Yemme. It is also refreshing after a long day at work. “

Yemme is a big fan of the Run Keeper App that he has downloaded onto his phone. This app allows several functions that will make tracking your run simple.  It is also the ‘keeper’ of his playlist of ‘pump-up’ songs to finish each run stronger than the last.

Look out for this determined ‘First-timer Indy-Mini Runner’, it might just be the first of many for him!


Catch up with Gary:

Vice President of Operations, Gary Reynolds has been employed at the corporate office for 12 years. Reynolds has particpated in nine Indy-Mini Marathons prior to this one. Primarily a walker, he is dedicated to keeping in shape by walking for the half marathon. “ Advice on completing a half marathon,” said Reynolds, “just get out and do it.” Reynolds suggests that walking is a ‘futile attempt to escape advancing age’.  He also suggests that instead of plugging into some great tunes, walking is a great time to be alone with your thoughts.

Catch this swift walker among the pros come May 3rd at the Indy-Mini!


Getting up to speed with Ron:

Assistant Vice President of Operations and Director of Traffic, Ron Borkowski has a long history with Wheaton. Starting with the company in 1986 as a traffic planner and has held a number of positions throughout the years.

In addition to a long history with Wheaton, he also holds a long running history.  Borkowski has successfully completed somewhere between 15-20 full-marathons, including the Boston Marathon last year. This will be his 16th Mini-Marathon.

The challenge of the marathons inspire and motivate him to continue his marathon streak. His training consists of a combination of weights, mixed with cardio, such as biking and stair climbers. 


Jogging with Emmalee:

Content Development Specialist, Emmalee Strait just came on board with Wheaton in November of 2013 in the Sales and Marketing Department.  After taking on a new job, she also decided to take on the task of running the Indy-Mini Marathon for the first time.

Motivated by staying in shape and healthy throughout the winter months, she has been training with some close friends for the race.

“I am anxious and excited for the Indy-Mini,”said Strait. “I am running the half marathon with my college roommates, so the memories being made mean the most to me!”

She attributes accountability from training with friends to be one of the best preperations for the race.  Like Borkowski, she joined the Blue Mile running club which has helpd prepare her. With good friends, a good playlist, and some good training – she is ready to hit the road running on May 3!


Moving for College Grads

2014 April 10
by Wheaton World Wide Moving

Grad HatsHey, soon- to- be college grads, this post is for you! In a few months you will walk across a stage, receive a diploma and go off to purse bigger and better things. This is an accomplishment that will open many doors of opportunity. Where will the opportunities take you?  Whether it’s across the country, or around the world, Wheaton is prepared to relocate your life. The possibilities are limitless and relocating is an involved process.  So where should you start?

Best Cities for Job Seekers

Be realistic in your relocation process. It might sound awesome in theory to pick up and move to Hawaii, where life’s a beach. But it might not be the most practical move, so to speak. Search for jobs before you relocate to your favorite city, simply because it’s your favorite. Where are the best cities for job seekers? Let us help you out:

Get a little guidance with this list of top 10 best cities for job seekers. 

Need JobAffordable

If you’re like most recent grads, you are living on a budget. The last four years of school did not come free. When selecting a location you want to be sure it’s an affordable place where there will be plenty for you to do.

Check out this list of most affordable and entertaining cities.

Just for Fun

Okay, now you’ve got the practical part out of the way. Start researching the fun stuff. What are the best cities to fit your personality? Is it the city with an awesome night life? A location rich in history? It’s equally important that the quality of life in the city will be fulfilling to you. Consider your hobbies and interests and whether or not they are comparable with the city. Take this quick BuzzFeed quiz, just for fun, to find out what city you should actually live in. Hey, you never know what you might learn.


Moving Tips (we are a moving company after all)..

As a young twenty-something, you probably do not have many household goods that have piled up over the years. Lighten up your move even more by getting rid of unnecessary items before the move. Make a little extra cash by hosting a garage sale. You can get a fresh start with new or refurbished items when you arrive at your new destination. Wheaton has provided you with a few starter lists that are great for first time movers, including:

What NOT to Pack

Common Moving Terminology

Cutting Costs on Your Move

Moving Guide-Checklist

AdventureYou’ve already exhausted yourself with researching the perfect city to move to. Leave the relocation process to Wheaton, it’s kind of our area of specialty.

No matter where your bright and successful future takes you, Wheaton is ready to handle your move.  Finding a local agent is one click away.

The Faces Behind Wolf of Wall Street

2014 March 26

wolf-of-wall-street-poster2-610x903We see the faces of those starring in the lead roles of Hollywood movies such as Wolf on Wall Street, but how often do we consider how the elaborate scenes throughout the Hollywood films become a reality? Who are the faces moving these high dollar items to make the scenes possible?

If you haven’t seen the movie, definitely go see it. The 1990-based film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, a New York stockbroker running a firm participating in securities fraud and corruption on Wall Street.  The performances delivered by DiCaprio and several others are remarkable, action-packed, and are not to be missed.





Massive tankWhen you are watching the movie, be sure to pay special attention to the custom saltwater fish tank featured in the ‘Swiss Banker’ scene. The tank, used as a backdrop behind the Swiss banker’s desk, was moved by Basic Moving, a Wheaton agent located in Brooklyn, N.Y. It was a favorite piece among the film crew and a memorable item for our moving crew. This fragile fish tank exemplifies the extreme attention to detail needed and given by Wheaton professionals when relocating items regardless of location – on a movie set or in a customer’s home.

It also speaks to the capabilitiesof our agents. It is no simple task to move a glass fish tank onto the scene of a high dollar budgeted movie. Without a scratch, the tank was successfully relocated and delivered to the scene of the movie and returned to the owner. Personally, we think that deserves a red carpet ceremony of its own!

Our agents are constantly moving and storing unique items from coast to coast and around the world. Be sure to keep up with the unique stories attached to these items by frequently watching out for our ‘What’s in Your Warehouse’ blog! Find more unique stories on our agents via Twitter and Facebook 

St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

2014 March 17
by Wheaton World Wide Moving

We are almost as excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as we are for your next move – almost. But the point is, life is short and therefore, we must celebrate whenever the opportunity presents itself. So allow us to assist you in making this St. Patrick’s Day the best yet.

First things first.

To have an appreciation for the holiday, you must know the history. While at a glance, the day may seem to be a celebration dedicated to dying canals and river green, parades, and beer – but do you know why all of these traditions are taking place?

Who is Patrick, anyway?

St. Patrick was born into a wealthy family in Britain near the end of the fourth century. At 16 years of age, Patrick was taken captive and held a prisoner to Irish raiders. The raiders were attacking Patrick’s family estate and took him captive in Ireland, where he would spend six years of his life. He spent most of the years as a shepherd with very little contact with people. These pivotal years played a vital role in his reliance on his faith in Christianity.

With his strong sense of faith, Patrick felt a calling from God to escape slavery and flee Ireland. In order to do so, Patrick walked several miles, escaping to Britain. Once in Britain, he felt another calling to return to Ireland as a missionary. It is believed that St. Patrick is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland.

Patrick died on March 17, 460 A.D. Thus, the day is celebrated and associated with everything Irish – which in modern day, means anything we can dye green (beer, rivers, hair and the list goes on). However, for those that are celebrating the traditional day often offer prayers to missionaries around the world.

St. Patrick’s Day made its way to the United States with Irish Immigrants who were passionate about carrying on their traditions and celebrations.

It’s your lucky day!

 The shamrock icon for St. Patrick’s Day comes from the traditional Irish background. It is said that he used the ‘lucky three-leaved clover” to demonstrate the Christian Holy Trinity.

St. Patty’s  Day Snacks & Crafts

 Three leaf cloverSt. Patty’s Day certainly wouldn’t be complete without some crafts and snacks. So be sure to check out our Holiday Snacks board on Pinterest for simple yet festive holiday recipes. Also, be sure to check out our Holiday Craft board, for some fun and festive projects for the day!






Feeling Lucky?

 home-depotAre you feeling lucky today? Be sure to participate in our 30 Day Spring Cleaning and Organization Challenge, for a chance to win a $25 dollar Home Depot gift card. Check out details here in our previous blog on decluttering your closet.


Spring Cleaning & Organization Challenge

2014 March 14

home-depotKnock off some of your spring cleaning to-do list by joining Wheaton in our 30 day challenge to a cleaner and more organized house. If you are planning a move this summer, now is a great time to declutter and downsize your household goods. You don’t want to spend money on moving unnecessary items.  Even if you don’t have plans of relocating soon, who can’t benefit from a few cleaning tips? Put your competitive game face on and get prepared for our first spring cleaning challenge.

Here’s the catch – we are looking for results!  Tweet, or share your before and after pictures of your cleaning and decluttering process. Wheaton will choose one lucky winner to receive a $25 dollar gift card to Home Depot to assist in your organization efforts! Transform your house to a home by accepting our 30 spring cleaning challenge.

Challenge one

Start with your closets, which can be the scariest place of all. It becomes a place of storage for well, everything – if you let it! Our challenge for you today is to decide what items are necessities.  A closet’s main purpose is to store items that are used on a regular basis. However, that does not mean store items that are NEVER used. Lucky for you, Wheaton has broken down the steps to having a cleaner closet; all you have to do is apply them!

Step One:

Make a ‘keep’ pile and a ‘give-away’ pile. If you haven’t used it in the last six months, there is a good chance you won’t used it in the next six months. The point is, you will never have the organized closet space that you prefer, if you keep everything. A good motto for cleaning closets is ‘When in doubt, send it out!’

Step Two:

Once you have sorted through your items, it is time to actually clean your closet space. Take full advantage of having everything off the shelves. Wipe down and line shelves with plastic liner. Change the liner 2-3 times a year, this will help with the upkeep of your closets throughout the year – and you might actually be able to easily access the items you are looking for.  Sweep the floor and even wipe down the walls if necessary.

Step Three:

Get organized. No really, go ‘neat freak’ on your closet. Separate your household goods into labeled tubs. Buying door hangers is a great way to free up some shelf space in your closet. Hanging shoe racks are also a great way to create space and keep your shoes looking nice.

Check out some great options on best kept secrets for organizing your closet on our Pinterest Page.

Spring cleaning with Wheaton is underway. Tackle the closets first. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and send us your before and after pictures of your closets for a chance at winning a Home Depot gift card! We will pick the winner of the contest at the end of March. We have lots of work to do, get moving!

Happy Mardi Gras!

2014 March 4
by Wheaton World Wide Moving

It’s time to celebrate and you don’t have to be in New Orleans to partake in the festivities.  While Mardi Gras is a great excuse to host a party, there is a significant history behind these masks. So grab your snacks and don’t forget to share the meaning behind this great celebration.


paradeThe origin of Mardi Gras traces back to March 2, 1699 when Jean Baptiste Le Moyne Sieur de Bienville, a French-Canadian explorer, declared a portion of land south of New Orleans to be, “Pointe du Mardi Gras.”  After arriving, the explorers realized it was the eve of a holiday celebrated back home, and therefore, decided to hold a celebration.

In 1702 Bienville also established, “Fort Louis de la Louisiane,” which is now the city of Mobile, AL. America began celebrating what would become a longstanding tradition called  Mardi Gras the following year in 1703.

A secret society known as the Boeuf Gras Society started the traditional parades. It wasn’t until the 1730s that the holiday was publicly celebrated by the people of New Orleans. It began with an elegant ball which set the stage for the New Orleans Mardi Gras balls held today.

Why are masks worn?

mardi MaskIt  is required that anyone on the floats must wear masks. It is encouraged that others participate in the mask wearing as the exstravagant masks add a great deal to the festivity!

Mardi BeadsColors

So you may be decked in your purple, green and gold – but do you know what the colors stand for? Knowing the meaning behind the colors can add to the fun. Purple represents justice, green for faith, and gold for power. These colors also had a great influence on school colors for Louisiana State University and Tulane University. The official colors of Mardi Gras were chosen in 1872 and selected in honor of Russian Grand Duke, Alexandrovich Romanoff, who chose this same color scheme for his own home.  Rock these colors with a whole new meaning!

Want to catch the Mardi Gras live?


mardi gras

On the Road with Wheaton Drivers

2014 March 2
by Wheaton World Wide Moving

cropped-cropped-wheaton-blog-header.jpgWe see them on the road, and at their various stops across the country – but what is it like to be behind the wheel of a Wheaton truck? Join us this month as we take a look at a driver’s world.  Each month Wheaton takes some time to recognize our drivers and the sacrifice they make being away from friends and family while on the road. Wheaton drivers understands that moving is a pivotal time in life for families and are prepared to relocate your belongings and your life. These individuals  go beyond the required tasks and truly seek to make your relocation process a success. They act with professionalism and handle each move with integrity. Be watching out for our first ‘On the Road’ post, featuring the Drivers of the Month and a look into their world on the road. Buckle up, we are hitting the road with the professionals – see you there!

Hosting a Housewarming Party

2014 February 20
by Wheaton World Wide Moving

We covered details on throwing a proper going away party– now for hosting a housewarming party. It’s simple and can make a big impact on adjusting to your new home.



You just moved to town – so who do you invite? It’s entirely appropriate to invite neighbors and co-workers – and anyone else you would like to get to know better. Most will appreciate the friendly gesture. And who wouldn’t? Pull out your creative moving announcement you made for the going away party and put it use as an invitation. This is a great way to initiate contact  and establish friendships early.


Now What?

So you’ve invited your guest and now what do you do? Set time aside for getting to know each other. Similar to your going away party, request that your guests bring a family recipe to swap. This time require them to choose a recipe that has a unique story attached. For example, do you make this recipe for your annual family reunion? A birthday special?  Anniversary date? As you swap the recipes share your stories. This should alleviate pressures to provide all the food and create opportunity for conversations.


We know you are busy with unpacking and decorating your house. So check out some of Wheaton’s simple yet tasty treats on our Recipes Board on our  Pinterest page.


Ask Questions

This is a perfect time to ask  questions about the community. What are the best ways to get involved in the area? What are the best local restaurants? How about nearest shops and boutiques? This is your opportunity to find the answers to such questions.  Check out our Community Board for ideas on getting involved and impacting your community.


Utilize Your New Space

You just relocated to a new home. Use your space to the fullest. Welcoming people into your new home will also welcoming fresh decorating ideas.  Allow your neighbors and friends to provide fresh perspective on how to best decorate.  Get the scoop on their latest DIY projects and swap ideas.

If the weather is nice, take advantage of the outdoors.  Need some ideas on how to maximize your space? Get some ideas from Wheaton.


Feeling Really Ambitious?

If you are feeling overly ambitious, create a small gift or party favor for your guests. It could be as simple as a thank you card.  Or grab a jar of your favorite jelly and attach a handwritten  note. Both ideas are thoughtful and simple.


Consider applying some of these tips and get acclimated to your new community!

Throwing a going away party

2014 February 18
by Wheaton World Wide Moving

Moving involves many emotions.  There’s excitement about what’s ahead. There’s anxiety and fear of the unknown. And, there’s nostalgia about the life you’ve built in your current home. It is easy to let the task-oriented moving to-do list get the best of you. But at Wheaton we understand that moving is far more than just boxes and trucks. Taking time to slow down and unpack your emotions is an important aspect of moving that is often overlooked.

Whether you’re moving, or your friends or family, there are two celebrations that should occur. The first is throwing a proper going away party. The second is hosting a house warming party.  Taking time to plan both parties can help you work through some of the emotion of relocating. It helps you find closure in the old and excitement about the new.

Throwing a going away party:

Collaborate with your neighbors, friends and family to celebrate good times spent together. Downsize before your move, allow your guests to have first dibs on the items that will eventually be donated. Visit our Web site for other downsizing and packing tips.

This is also a great way to establish means of staying in touch. Get creative and make moving announcements with your new address and contact information. Visit our Pinterest page for creative DIY moving announcement ideas.

All good parties…have good snacks. Snacks to munch on will be the icing on the cake to a great going away party. These don’t have to be complicated. In fact – Wheaton will supply you with a list of munching options from our recipes board on our Pinterest page. Request that your attendees bring a side dish or dessert and swap recipes. A great way to discover new snacks! RECIPE

Look out for our blog on hosting a housewarming party later this week.  We know you are busy with your move…let’s do one thing at a time!

Valentine’s Day with Wheaton

2014 February 14
by Wheaton World Wide Moving

Valentine’s Day

hearzSome love it. Some hate it. Either way the big day has arrived, so it’s time to embrace it. The expectation of what the day will hold is often where we go wrong. It’s time for a change this year. We want to challenge you to be expectant without expectation. Anything could happen today, but unrealistic expectations of the day will set it up for failure. Whether you are spending the day with friends, a significant other, or your adorable Labradoodle pup – consider these thoughts as you go throughout the day today.


Have a happy heart

Be thankful for what you have and the gifts you receive today. Having a thankful attitude is a key factor to a successful Valentine’s Day. Keep in mind that gifts do not have to be materialistic items. Gifts can be something as simple as enjoying time together. Be thankful that you can spend quality time with the ones you love. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a million-dollar-date or sitting on the couch in your sweats.


Take advantage of flying solo this Valentine’s Day

So you’re not on the most romantic date of the year today – that’s okay!  Take advantage of much underappreciated alone time. Write out some goals & ideals that you want to work toward this year then recharge and reward yourself by indulging in a few of your favorite activities. It is important to recognize accomplishments & feel good about them. If you happen to be spending the day alone, why not reward yourself a bit. You deserve it!

It’s simple and to the point. Not losing sight of realistic expectations for the day is crucial. Our wish from Wheaton is that today you will celebrate life and happiness and truly embrace Valentine’s Day in the best way!