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hot and cold temperature graphic
Tips for Transitioning Between Two Different Climates

Moving from Minnesota to Florida? From Morocco to Denali? If you’re moving from one type of climate to another, you’ll… Continue reading

small dog standing in front of moving box
What Do I Need to Do to Move My Pets Abroad?

Moving with a pet can be a surprisingly complex procedure. In addition to everything else you have to prepare for… Continue reading

Kid in sunglasses driving a miniature forklift with moving boxes on it
How Can I Prepare My Children for an International Move?

Moving overseas is a big deal. It involves more than just the logistical aspects of scheduling, planning, packing and transport…. Continue reading

airplane flying in the sky
What Should I Expect From My Overseas Move?

Moving overseas is a common daydream. You imagine taking in the new sights and experiences, adopting a new culture, learning… Continue reading

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How Do I Prepare for an International Move?

Moving is a big undertaking. There are calls to make, plans to come up with, lists to double-check and… about… Continue reading

International Moving Terms- What You Need to Know!

The notion of moving overseas can be daunting, that’s not even taking into account the vocabulary that comes with it…. Continue reading

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Moving Abroad for School? 7 Things You Have to Know First

When you envision yourself earning your undergraduate or graduate degree, you don’t see yourself doing it in the United States…. Continue reading

shipping containers
International Moves: Dealing with Differences in Electricity

You’ve likely heard mention of how electrical power differs from country to country. Why do such differences exist in the… Continue reading

vienna center
Planning an International Move? The 5 Best European Cities to Live In.

Imagine if you lived in the same house, the same neighborhood, and the same city for your entire life. How… Continue reading

Moving Internationally: Flying with Children

Moving internationally with children seems terrifying. Especially because your toddler bursts into blood-curdling shrieks with a simple drive to the… Continue reading