Retire to Latin America: 4 of the Best Countries to Live In and Why

As you approach retirement, you wonder what life will bring next. Perhaps you crave adventure. Maybe you long for new sights. Or you have considered moving to Latin America, but you aren’t sure which country is right for you.

Different countries offer various benefits and astonishing lifestyles. Some feature gorgeous countryside while others provide top-notch healthcare. Below you’ll find some of the best countries to retire.

1. Mexico

The cost of living in Mexico is relatively low. Commodities and luxuries cost less money than in the United States, so your retirement funds stretch a little further. Even services such as housekeeping are cheaper in Mexico.

If you move to Mexico, hire a maid or chef and clear up some time in your schedule to do some of things you love. Visit the beach, take dance lessons, or learn to paint a Mexico sunset. Stop by the local market and buy fresh produce daily. Ask your neighbors to teach you how to make authentic Mexican cuisine like pozole, tamales, or pan dulce (sweet bread).

Mexico also offers exceptional health and dental care. In fact, medical care in Mexico costs half as much as it does in the US. The majority of Mexican doctors and dentists obtained part or all of their training in the States. When you move to Mexico, you have immediate access to outstanding hospitals and dental offices.

2. Ecuador

If you follow other retirees to Ecuador, you can bask in the colonial architecture, warm beaches, and mountain shadows. Local street vendors and markets sell delightful fruits and vegetables year-round. No matter what you like to do, each area gives you a different adventure.

Around 40,000 Americans currently live in this diverse country. This is because Ecuador offers reasonable prices on homes, goods, and an economical cost of living. Residents 65 years and older obtain public transportation and airfare prices at high discounts.

And like most Latin American countries, Ecuador administers prime health care at incredible prices. Hospitals in bigger cities utilize advanced medical technology. Hospitals also employ specialized and skilled physicians to care for your every need.

3. Costa Rica

The beach or jungle could be your new backyard in Costa Rica. Admire the exotic culture and wildlife while you sip on fresh fruit juice. Costa Rica offers a tropical climate along with clear lakes and dense green plains. Visit the local restaurants and markets for a taste of coastal cuisine.

You can obtain universal healthcare in Costa Rica through private or government-run systems. The Costa Rican government regularly updates the hospitals, medical equipment, and improves staff training to provide quality healthcare.

 4. Chile

Chile is one of the most seductively diverse countries in Latin America. It encompasses multiple environments such as snowy mountains, sunny desserts, and crisp coasts. If you enjoy city life, live in Santiago or Concepción. Prefer the coast? Viña del Mar is a perfect fit. For penguins in your backyard, move to Osorno.

You won’t find certain American food products or clothing items in the negocios (street-corner stores), but you can procure them at the nearest Lider (Walmart) shopping center or mall.

Savor delectable foods such as empanadas de pino (meat-filled pastries), pastel de choclo (meat and corn pie), or fresh bread known as hallullas and pan amasado.

Chile boasts about its healthcare and cutting-edge medical advancement programs. Unlike other countries, however, most first-rate hospitals only pertain to bigger cities such as Santiago and Concepción.

Consider these countries as you prepare for retirement and a new, international adventure. You won’t feel disappointed in the beautiful memories you make when you retire to Latin America. When you have made your choice and you are ready to move, contact Wheaton for more information about international moving services.